Westside Discs Harp Putter Disc Golf

westside disc harp

A putter disc with over stability that can be used for both putting and approach shots is the Westside Discs Harp. It is a solid option for players of all skill levels, but it is particularly well-liked by those who want a dependable disc that will maintain a straight line in windy situations.

Beaded design:

The Harp has a beaded rim and a flat top for a pleasant grip and reliable release. The bead on the rim provides a little extra support and helps in encouraging a tidy release from the hand.

Flight ratings of Westside Discs Harp:

The Westside Discs Harp putter has the following flying characteristics:

• Speed: 4

• Glide: 3

• Turn: 0

• Fade: 3

Speed: 4

It denotes a slow disc that won’t travel very far on its own, according to the Harp. This makes it a suitable option for approach shots where controlling the distance is necessary.

Glide: 3

It denotes an average glide for the harp. This implies that it won’t hang in the air for very long, but it also suggests that it won’t disappear from view too soon.

Turn: 0

It means that when thrown flat, the harp won’t flip over (i.e., curve to the right). As a result, it is an excellent disc for windy conditions.

Fade : 3

The harp will fade (i.e., bend to the left) at the conclusion of its flight, as indicated by the number three. It is an overstable disc as a result of this.

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Plastic-type Westside discs harp:

The Westside Discs Harp is offered in a range of plastic kinds, each with special qualities of its own. Here is a quick rundown of the various sorts of plastic that the harp can be made out of:

BT Hard:

The Harp’s foundational plastic. It has a decent grip and is reasonably priced. Additionally, it is the Harp’s most resilient plastic kind, making it a wise choice for players who play in challenging environments.

BT Medium:

This material offers even more grip while being a little softer than BT Hard. Players who prefer a soft putter or have wet hands should consider it.

VIP material :

This material has a greater grip and is more resilient than BT Hard plastic, according to VIP. Additionally, compared to BT Hard plastic, it is a little bit more clear, which may help it fly a little bit more clearly. Players looking for a putter that is both sturdy and comfortable to hold can choose the VIP.

VIP air

The most expensive plastic for the Westside discs harp is called VIP Air. It is somewhat more unstable than BT Hard plastic, but it is also quite robust and offers a constant flight. Players who want a putter that is tough and comfortable to hold but also want a disc that will turn a little in the air might choose the VIP Air.

Pros and cons of Westside discs harp:

The Westside Discs Harp putter has the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • Unsteady flight path
  • Decent glide
  • Trustworthy and constant
  • obtainable in a range of plastic varieties to accommodate various climatic conditions and player preferences
  • Affordable
  • Excellent for both putting and approach shots and comfortable in the hand
  • Can effectively handle windy conditions


  • Some players may find it a little too over-stable.
  • Not as effective as some other putters for long putts.

Who uses Westside Discs Harp putter disc golf?

Golfers of all skill levels will love the Westside Discs Harp putter. Players seeking a disc that will retain a straight line on approach shots, especially in windy circumstances, find it to be particularly popular. The Harp is a fantastic choice if you want a putter you can rely on.

Is Westside Discs Harp is weather-friendly?

The Westside Discs Harp is well-liked among disc golfers for its ability to withstand windy conditions and its reliable flight characteristics. It is frequently employed for forehand throws, approaches, and as a steady putter. It is also a fantastic option for windy situations because it won’t be as influenced by the wind as other discs.

Buying guide:

Depending on your playing circumstances and personal preferences, you can choose the ideal plastic Westside disc harp.

The BT Hard plastic is a fantastic option if you’re seeking for a strong putter that can handle the challenges of tournament play.

The VIP plastic is a wonderful option if you want a putter that is both pleasant to hold and longlasting.

The VIP Air plastic is a wise choice if you want a putter that is both resilient and stable.

A tip:

In the end, experimenting with a few various plastic types to find the one you prefer is the best approach to determine which one is ideal for you.


The Harp is a very straight-flying putter with exceptional glide thanks to this flight rating. It can maintain a straight line in windy circumstances as a result of its slightly greater overstability than certain other putters. The Harp is still a great option for both putting and approach shots since it is dependable and steady.

The Westside Discs Harp is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for an overstable approach disc that you can count on. It is a flexible disc that can be used for a number of different shots and is offered in a selection of plastics to meet your demands.

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