Rules Of Playing Disc Golf

Rules Of Playing Disc Golf

Disc golf combines the fundamental concepts of golf with frisbees. Here are some genuine disc golf rules and regulations to help you get started.

General Gameplay:

Throw your disc from the teeing area (beginning zone) to the basket. Subsequent throws start from where your last disc landed. The person who uses the fewest throws to accomplish the hole wins.

Putting rules:

There are special regulations for footwork within 10 meters of the basket that keep players from acquiring an undue edge.

Fair Play:

Disc golf is based on self-officiating by group members. There are extra guidelines for civility and safety when playing with others.

Throwing rules:

There are no formal rules defining throwing styles, but safety is vital. Avoid making throws that might damage yourself or others.
Be careful of other players on the course, and only throw when the landing zone is clear.

Out of Bounds (OB):

Each course has certain playing regions. Anything thrown outside of these regions is termed “OB.” Specific regulations for dealing with out-of-limits incidents vary per course, but common penalties include adding strokes to your score for that hole or redoing the throw from a predetermined position within bounds.


Some holes might have required layup zones (areas through which you must pass) or mandatory lines of play. Failure with these regulations frequently leads to penalty throws. These are often identified by signage or particular characteristics on the course.

Scoring and penalties:

Each throw you make counts one point toward your score for that hole.

There are penalty throws for going out of bounds (throwing the disc outside of defined locations) or striking obstacles in a way that violates course regulations.

The amount of throws you take, including any penalty throws, equals your score for the hole.

Etiquette and courtesy:

Disc golf relies on players calling their fouls and following the rules.

Maintain proper course etiquette by being calm and avoiding distractions while others throw.

Allow quicker groups to play through if your group is slower. Overall, respect the course and the surrounding areas.

These are some basic rules of playing disc golf. Remember, the most essential aspect is to have fun and enjoy the game!

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