Prodigy PA-1 Putter Disc Golf

Prodigy PA-1

An overstable putter that may be used for both putting and approach shots is the Prodigy PA-1. It has excellent wind stability and can handle a range of power outputs. Players who want a putter they can depend on in any circumstance should consider it.

Flight ratings of Prodigy PA-1:

Flight ratings of Prodigy PA-1 are as follows:
• Speed:3
• Glide:3
• Turn:0
• Fade:2

Speed: 3

The PA-1 is a slow-flying disc as a result of this. Long drives are not its intended use, but it is incredibly accurate and dependable for putting and approaching strokes.

Glide: 3

As a result, the PA-1 will have good glide, which will allow it to stay in the air for longer. It is a good option in windy situations because of this.

Turn: 0

This indicates that the PA-1 won’t move much while in flight. With a tiny fade at the end, it will fly straight.

Fade: 2

When thrown with full force, a disc with a fade rating of 2 will fade to the left (for a right-handed thrower). This makes it an ideal option for windy conditions.

If you want to know about the dimensions of Prodigy PA-1 then click on the link dimensions of Prodigy PA-1.

Best putter in windy circumstances:

The Prodigy PA-1 performs exceptionally well in the wind. It won’t readily tip over, even in severe winds. For players that play in windy circumstances, this makes it a good option.

Power levels:

There are various power levels that the PA-1 can manage. For small putts, they can be thrown softly, while for long approach shots, they can be thrown strongly. Players who seek a putter that can do it all should consider it.

Plastics types of Prodigy PA-1:

Five different polymers are offered for the Prodigy PA-1:
• 300,
• 400,
• 400G,
• 350G,
• 750.
Each plastic has distinct qualities that make it appropriate for a variety of situations.

300 Plastic:

The most popular plastic for the PA-1 is 300 Plastic. The material is strong and grippy and offers a decent blend of power and control.

400 Plastic:

This premium plastic, known as 400 Plastic, is even more durable than 300 Plastic. Additionally, it is a little bit more slippery, making it a suitable option for windy circumstances.

400G plastic:

350G plastic and 400G plastic are combined to create 400G plastic. Although it has less grip than 350G Plastic, it is more resilient.

350G Plastic:

This lightweight material is incredibly strong. Players who seek a putter that is simple to throw over great distances might consider it.

750 plastic:

The most stable plastic for the PA-1 is 750 plastic. It is incredibly strong and won’t crack easily.

Comparison Table:

The Prodigy PA-1’s flight characteristics in various polymers are summarized in the following table:

300 Plastic3302
400 Plastic3302.5
400G Plastic3302
350G Plastic3301.5
750 Plastic3303

Who Should Use the Prodigy PA-1?

A fantastic option for gamers of all ability levels is the Prodigy PA-1. It is a flexible putter that may be used for approach shots as well as putting. Those who play in windy situations will benefit most from it.

Pros and cons of Prodigy PA-1:

The Prodigy PA-1 has the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Quite reliable in the wind
  • Capable of handling a range of power levels
  • Sticky, long-lasting plastic
  • Versatile for both approach shots and putting


  • Unlike some other putters, not glide
  • Some players may find it a little too over-stable.

Overall performance of Prodigy PA-1:

Overall, players of all skill levels will love the Prodigy PA-1 putter. A variety of shots can be made with this flexible disc. The Prodigy PA-1 is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a putter that is reliable in the wind and can manage a range of power levels.

Comparison of Prodigy PA-1 Putter with Innova Aviar X3 and Discraft Zone:

The Innova Aviar X3 and the Discraft Zone are comparable to the Prodigy PA-1. The three putters can be used for both putting and approach strokes and are all overstable. The PA-1, on the other hand, is a little bit more overstable than the Zone and the Aviar X3. For golfers who require a putter that will reliably fade in the wind, this makes it a solid option.

Comparison of Prodigy PA-1 with Westside Discs Shield:

The PA-1 and the Westside Discs Shield are comparable devices. Although the Shield is less stable than the PA-1, it is a little more glide. For golfers looking for a putter that is simple to throw over great distances, this makes it a solid option.


The ideal putter for you will ultimately rely on your unique requirements and preferences. The Prodigy PA-1 is a good option if you’re searching for an overstable putter that is reliable in the wind.

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