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latitude 64 pure

In the putt and approach sections, the Latitude 64 Pure is a modern classic. It’s one of the most famous putters in disc golf. The Pure is a straight-flying disc with a little fade that is ideal for putting and approaching strokes. It also features a pleasant grip and a medium-deep rim, making it simple to manage.

Flight Characteristics of Latitude 64 Pure:

The Pure is constructed to have a neutral flight path and is supposed to be a stable putter. Its flight is straight and predictable with a minor tendency to conclude with a modest fade. The disc is renowned for its stable flight characteristics and constant performance.

Flight ratings of Latitude 64 Pure:

Depending on the particular plastic blend and disc weight, the flight ratings for the Latitude 64 Pure putter disc golf may differ slightly. However, the Pure’s typical flying ratings are as follows:

Speed: 3
Glide: 3
Turn: -1
Fade: 1

Speed: 3

In comparison to other disc golf discs, the Latitude 64 Pure has a comparatively slow speed. Particularly for shorter throws and putting this slower speed allows for better control and accuracy.

Glide: 3

The Latitude 64 Pure has a medium glide, which means it can sustain its forward motion for a respectable amount of time. This glide aids in the disc’s ability to fly straight and cover a little more ground.

Turn: -1

The Latitude 64 Pure has zero turns by design. It doesn’t tend to veer off to the left (for right-handed backhand throws) or right (for left-handed backhand throws) throughout its flight since it has a neutral flight path. A negative turn rating means that the disc will resist turning over.

Fade: 1

At the end of its flight, the Latitude 64 Pure barely fades. This means that the finish is uniform and predictable, whether it fades slightly or finishes straight.

The Latitude 64 Pure’s overall flight ratings (3, 3,-1, 1) point to a steady and direct flight with a neutral outcome. For precise putts, close-range approaches, and controlled drives, it is a dependable disc.

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Disc Type

The Latitude 64 Pure is categorized as a putter disc. For shorter throws, especially for putting into the basket, putter discs are generally utilized. They are more accurate and controllable than other disc varieties thanks to their low-profile rim and slower speed.

Plastic type of Latitude 64 Pure:

Popular putter discs like the Latitude 64 Pure are offered in a range of plastic materials. An overview of the many plastic kinds available for the Pure is shown below:

Zero Line:

This serves as the Latitude 64 Pure’s foundational material. It has a decent grip and is reasonably priced. Additionally, it is Pure’s most flexible plastic-type, making it an excellent option for those who prefer a soft putter feel.

Opto Line:

This material offers a greater grip and is more resilient than Zero Line. Additionally, it has a little bit more translucency than Zero Line material, which can help you see the disc fly more clearly. Players who want a putter that is dependable and pleasant to hold might choose Opto Line.

Gold Line:

The Latitude 64 Pure’s strongest plastic option is this material. It offers a reliable flight and is also quite gripping. Players who desire a putter that can withstand the hardships of tournament play may choose Gold Line.

Opto Moonshine:

Opto Line’s transparent variant is called Opto Moonshine. Although it offers a solid grip and is quite durable, the Opto Line is slightly more apparent in flight. Players looking for a reliable and visible putter can consider Opto Moonshine.


A swirling variation of Zero Line plastic is this material. It is reasonably priced, offers a strong grip, and has a distinctive appearance that some players find appealing. For players looking for a putter that is both dependable and fashionable, retro is an excellent option.

Pros and cons of Latitude 64 Pure:

The Latitude 64 Pure putter has the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Straight line of flight.
  • Decent glide.
  • Trustworthy and constant.
  • Affordable.
  • Obtainable in a range of plastic varieties to accommodate various climatic conditions and player preferences.


  • Some players might find it a little too understandable.
  • Unlike some other putters, it is not as cozy in the hand.
  • Not as effective as some other putters for long putts.

Latitude 64 pure is best for which players?

For players of all ability levels, the Latitude 64 Pure is an excellent putter overall. It is particularly well-liked by players seeking a steady disc that will retain a straight line on approach strokes. The Pure is a fantastic choice if you want a putter you can rely on.

Popular Uses:

The Latitude 64 Pure is frequently used for putting and close-range approaches. It is suited for both beginning and experienced players thanks to its straight flight path and dependable steadiness. It is a well-liked option among disc golfers because of its adaptability and capacity to support a variety of lines.

Buying guide of Latitude 64 pure:

Depending on your playing circumstances and personal preferences, you can choose the ideal sort of plastic. The Zero Line plastic is an excellent choice if you are searching for a putter that is reasonably priced and has a nice grip. The plastic from the Opto Line or Gold Line is a fantastic option if you require a putter that will hold up well in damp circumstances. The Opto Moonshine plastic is a wonderful option if you want a putter that is dependable and simple to see and the Retro plastic is a fantastic choice if you want a putter with a distinctive appearance.

A tip:

In the end, experimenting with a few various plastic types to find the one you prefer is the best approach to determine which one is ideal for you.


Overall, the Latitude 64 Pure putter disc is well-liked for its dependable performance, pleasant grip, and steady flight. The Pure can be a useful addition to your disc golf bag whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

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