Latitude 64 Dagger Putter Disc Golf

Latitude 64 Dagger

A deep dish putter with a bead is called the Latitude 64 Dagger. With the assistance of professional disc golfer Dave Feldberg, a deep, beaded putter resembling the Discraft Challenger and Gateway Wizard was created for Latitude 64.

Who designed Latitude 64 Dagger?

Dave Feldberg created the Latitude 64 Dagger.

Flight ratings of Latitude 64 Dagger:

Flight ratings of Latitude 64 Dagger are as follows:
• Speed:2
• Glide:5
• Turn:0
• Fade:1

Speed: 2

The Dagger is a slow-moving disc, according to this. Long drives are not meant for it, but it is incredibly accurate and dependable for putting and approaching strokes.


The Dagger will have a decent glide, which means it will stay in the air for a longer amount of time, according to the glide rating of 5. It is a good option in windy situations because of this.

Turn: 0

This indicates that the Dagger does not wander off course much when flying. With a tiny fade at the end, it will fly straight.

Fade: 1

This indicates that, for right-handed throwers, the dagger will fade slightly to the right at the end of its flight. It is a good option in windy situations because of this.

If you want to know about the dimensions of Latitude 64 Dagger then click on the link dimensions of Latitude 64 Dagger

Plastic type of Latitude 64 Dagger:

These are the Latitude 64 Dagger putter’s plastic specifics:


The most expensive plastic at Latitude 64 is called Opto. It is constructed from a combination of premium polymers that resist scratches and scuffs. It’s a popular option for advanced players because it has a solid feel and great grip. Additionally translucent, the plastic may be simpler to see in the air.

Gold Line:

The second-highest quality plastic at Latitude 64 is called Gold Line. It is constructed of a mix of plastics that provides an excellent balance of durability and grip. Even though it is a little softer than Opto plastic, it is still incredibly strong. Additionally translucent, Gold Line acrylic may be simpler to notice in the air.

Zero hard:

Latitude 64 uses the grippy Zero Hard material for their putters and approach discs. It persuades with an excellent grip and a pleasant hand feel. Compared to the other two Zero plastics, the Zero Hard material is better suited for longer throws.

Zero Medium:

Although slightly softer than Zero Hard plastic, Zero Medium plastic is still quite durable. Additionally, it has a little bit more grip, which makes it a suitable option for players who play in gloomy or damp situations.


Made of recycled materials, retro plastic is transparent plastic. Although it is less robust than other plastics, it is nevertheless incredibly gripping and reasonably priced.

Pros and cons of Latitude 64 Dagger:

Listed below are some advantages and disadvantages of the Latitude 64 Dagger putter:


  • Beaded deep dish for increased stability
  • Straight flight and gentle landing
  • precise and manageable
  • offered in a range of plastics
  • a good option for gamers of all abilities


  • For long putts, it can be slow.
  • Less robust than some other putters
  • When it’s wet, it can be challenging to hold on.

Beaded design:

The Dagger is a beaded putter, which implies that the rim of the putter has a little border. This border can aid in better accuracy by assisting with the hold of the chains on the basket.

Which professional disc golfers uses latitude 64 dagger?

Professional disc golfers like
Dave Feldberg
• Nate Perkins
• Ricky Wysocki
• Simon Lizotte

favor the Dagger as a putter.

Who uses Latitude 64 Dagger putter?

Players of all skill levels will love the Latitude 64 Dagger putter. Its flying path is predictable, accurate, and controllable. It works well for putting and approach shots. Both novice and expert players will find the Latitude 64 Dagger to be a durable and adaptable putter disc.

Buying guide:

The ideal plastic for you will ultimately rely on your personal tastes and playing style.

Opto plastic is a terrific option if you’re seeking for a tough plastic with great grip.

Gold Line plastic is a good choice if you’re searching for something a little softer and more forgiving.


A putter that may be used for a variety of shots is the Latitude 64 Dagger. Its flying path is predictable, accurate, and controllable. It is a fantastic option for players of all skill levels, although beginners and intermediate players tend to favor it the most.

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