Innova Nova Putter Disc Golf

Innova Nova putter disc golf

The Innova Nova is a putter that may be utilized for many shots. Its flying path is predictable, accurate, and controllable. It is a fantastic option for players of all skill levels, although beginners and intermediate players tend to favor it the most.

When was Innova Nova released or introduced?

A distinct putter disc called the Innova Nova was first available in 2013.

Who designed Innova Nova?

Lead flight tester for Innova, Eric McCabe created the Nova. It comes in two pieces and has a putter-style Pro plastic rim with a strong flight plate. The Nova is intended to be a putter that flies straight and lands softly.

Which technology is used in Innova Nova?

The Nova is the company’s first putter disc made with over-mold technology. The over-mold technology used by Innova to create it blends a rigid flight plate with an elastic, gripping rim. Due to its straight flight path and gentle landing, the Nova is a fantastic option for both putting and approaching shots.

Flight ratings of Innova Nova:

Flight ratings of Innova Nova are as follows:
• Speed:2
• Glide:3
• Turn:0
• Fade:0

Speed: 2

The Nova is a slow-flying disc, according to this. Long drives are not its intended use, but it is incredibly reliable and precise for putting and approaching strokes.

Glide: 3

As a result, the Nova will have good glide, which will enable it to stay in the air for longer. It is a good option in windy situations because of this.

Turn: 0

This indicates that the Nova won’t rotate much when flying. With a tiny fade at the end, it will fly straight.

Fade: 0

As a result, the Nova will not fade at the end of its flight.

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Plastic type of Innova Nova:

Numerous plastics, including Pro, Star, Champion, and DX, are offered for the Nova.
There are four plastics available for the Innova Nova:


Pro plastic is a sturdy, hard material that works well for both approach and putting shots. It is quite dependable despite not being quite as gripping as some other plastics.


Star plastic is still incredibly durable despite being a little bit softer than Pro plastic. It is a better option for slick circumstances because it is much more gripping than Pro plastic.


The strongest plastic produced by Innova is called Champion. It is a wonderful option for both putting and approach shots because it is also quite grippy. It may, however, cost more than other plastics.


DX plastic is the least expensive material that Innova produces. It is incredibly gripping but not as strong as other plastics. Beginners and golfers looking for a putter that won’t break the budget might consider it.

Beaded design:

The Nova is a beaded putter, which implies that the rim of the putter has a little lip. This lip can aid in better accuracy by assisting with the hold of the chains on the basket.

Pros and cons of Innova nova:

The Innova Nova putter has the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Straight flight and gentle landing
  • precise and manageable
  • offered in a range of plastics
  • a good option for gamers of all abilities


  • For long putts, can be slow.
  • less durable than some other putters
  • When it’s wet, it can be challenging to hold on.

Which professional disc golfers use Innova Nova?

Professional disc golfers like
Paul McBeth
• Paige Pierce

enjoy using the Nova as a putter.

Who uses Nova?

All ability levels of players should consider the Nova. Beginners can easily control it, while more seasoned golfers can also use it for long putts and approaches. Additionally, the soft rim helps to hold the chains and keeps the disc from skipping, making it a terrific choice for windy conditions.

Buying guide:

The Nova is a putter that may be used in a wide range of situations. Your playing style and personal preferences will determine the plastic you select.

Champion or Star plastic is an excellent option if you’re searching for a tough putter that can withstand both putting and approach strokes.

DX plastic is a wonderful choice if you’re searching for a putter that is both inexpensive and grippy.


The Innova Nova is a fantastic option to take into consideration if you’re searching for a new putter for your disc golf bag. To meet your needs, it is precise, controlled, and offered in a range of polymers.

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