How to choose the Best Disc golf Putters

best putters disc golf

The popularity of disc golf has grown significantly in recent years. Choosing the appropriate putter is an important component of disc golf. A putter is a disc used most often for putting into the basket that is made especially for short-range strokes.

Choosing the ideal putter might be difficult due to the abundance of alternatives. The purpose of this article is to address frequently asked issues about selecting a putter for disc golf.

How do I choose a disc golf putter?

Numerous aspects must be considered when selecting a disc golf putter. Think about the disc’s flight characteristics first. There are many stability levels of putters, from overstable to understable. For players with a strong arm or those who want a steady flight path, overstable putters tend to fly straighter.

On the other hand, players who like a disc that turns to the right (for right-handed throwers) or are beginners may benefit more from under-stable putters.
Also, take into account how the disc feels in your palm. Finding a putter that feels safe and comfortable in your grasp is crucial because it comes in various rim depths and widths. For a more controlled release, some players choose shallower putters, while others find deeper putters more comfortable and forgiving.

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How do I know what putter is right for me?

In the end, playstyle and personal preference will determine the best putter. To pick a putter that fits your throwing style and is comfortable, you must test out a variety of putters. Many disc golf shops allow you to try out discs or feel them before buying.

Additionally, getting advice from experienced players or doing online study might provide important details about common putter selections.

What features should kept in mind while buying a putter?

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What is the ideal disc putter weight?

Individual players each have a different ideal putter weight. But the majority of putters normally weigh between 165 and 175 grams. For players with less strength, lighter putters might give more glide and better control, whilst heavier putters can withstand windy situations and offer more stability.

Are Scotty Cameron putters worth it?

Although Scotty Cameron putters are well-known in the golfing community, there is little use for them in disc golf. Rather than disc golf putters, Scotty Cameron primarily concentrates on conventional golf putters. As a result, it’s advised to look at brands and models made specifically for disc golf while making your choice.

What are heavy putters?

Heavy putters in disc golf often refer to putters weighing 175 grams or more. Players who want steadiness and greater wind resistance frequently prefer these putters.

What is the difference between shallow and deep putters?

The depth of the rim determines whether a putter is shallow or deep.

Players with smaller hands or those who like a controlled release will find shallow putters more comfortable because they seem smaller and have a shallower rim depth.

Deep putters, on the other hand, have deeper rim depths, offering a greater grip area and more forgiveness.

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Are all disc golf putters the same?

No, the flight characteristics, rim depth, size, and levels of stability of disc golf putters differ. Each putter model has distinctive qualities that determine how it feels in the hand and how it flies. To choose the putter that best suits your tastes and throwing style, it is essential to test out a variety of putters.

How many putters do you need for practice disc golf?

For practice disc golf, the majority of players find it helpful to have at least two putters. Having multiple putters enables you to practice consistency and repeat shots. Additionally, in competitions or rounds where losing a disc is a possibility, having backup putters is helpful.

Why do disc golfers hold two putters?

To practice repeating shots and maintain consistency, disc golfers frequently carry two putters. Players can concentrate on technique and enhance their putting stroke by throwing repeated strokes with the same disc.

Additionally, it saves time during practice sessions by doing away with the need to find the disc after every throw.

What is the optimal amount of putters you should buy for practicing disc golf?

If you are a newbie then you may have 1 to 2 putters in your bag, if you want to experiment with putting then you should have 3 to 4 putters but of different plastics, and if you are a professional then 5 to 8 putters are enough for you.

Is a lighter or heavier putter better for disc golf?

A lighter or heavier putter should be used depending on the playing circumstances and personal preference.

Players with less strength typically find it simpler to throw lighter putters, which also offer more glide and mobility. On the other side, heavier putters provide superior stability and are more wind-resistant.

Do pros throw lightweight discs?

While certain experts do throw light discs, this is not commonly done. Professional disc golfers have a wide variety of throwing styles and preferences.

Some people might prefer lighter discs for better control and glide, while others would choose heavier discs for reliability and consistency.

How do I know if my putter is too heavy? What are the signs that my putter is too heavy?

It may be too heavy for your throwing style if your putter feels uncomfortable or challenging to control during your putting stroke.

Trying out lighter putters can help you gain more control and perform better overall. Finding the ideal weight for your putter can also be accomplished by consulting with experienced players or disc golf experts.


To sum up, while selecting a disc golf putter, it is important to take flight characteristics, rim depth, and personal preference into account. You can locate the ideal putter for your game by trying out various models and asking for advice from seasoned players.

Remember that putter weight, whether heavier or lighter, is a matter of personal preference and is influenced by playing style and environmental factors. You can up your disc golf game and increase your putting accuracy with the correct putter in your hands.

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