Gateway Wizard Putter Disc Golf

gateway wizard Disc Golf Putter

The Wizard is a flexible disc that works well for a range of approaches and putting shots. It can be thrown with a hyzer release to maintain a close line or with a bit more force to travel further. It is also a fantastic option for windy situations because it won’t be as influenced by the wind as other discs.

Flight ratings of Gateway Wizard:

The Gateway Wizard putter’s flight characteristics are as follows:
• Speed: 2
• Glide: 3
• Turn: 0
• Fade: 2

Speed: 2

The Wizard is a slow disc that won’t go very far on its own, according to the speed of 2, which is given as 2. Since you can regulate the distance, it is a good option for putting and approaching shots.

Glide: 3

The Wizard has an average glide, as indicated by the number 3. It won’t hang in the air for very long, but it also won’t disappear from view too soon, according to this.

Turn: 0

It denotes that, when thrown flat, the Wizard won’t turn over (i.e., curve to the right). As a result, it is an excellent disc for windy conditions.

Fade: 2

It means that at the conclusion of its flight, the Wizard will fade, or curve to the left. It is a stable disc as a result of this.

The actual flight of the disc will vary based on the thrower’s arm speed and skill; the flight ratings are only meant to serve as a basic reference.

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Plastic type of Gateway Wizard:

The Gateway Wizard is offered in several different plastic varieties, each with special qualities of its own. Here is a quick rundown of the many kinds of plastic that the Wizard may use:


This is the Wizard’s basic plastic. It has a decent grip and is reasonably priced. It is also the Wizard’s most flexible plastic-type, making it a good option for those who prefer a soft feel to their putter.

Classic Blend:

This plastic has a slightly better grip and is slightly stronger than Classic plastic. Additionally, it is a little bit more transparent than Classic plastic, which may help it fly a little bit more clearly. For players looking for a putter that is both comfortable and sturdy, Classic Blend is a wonderful option.

Super Soft:

This plastic kind is the softest one that the Wizard may use. It is a great option for players with damp hands or those who want a very soft putter because it is quite gripping and offers a lot of softness.


This plastic offers a greater grip and is more resilient than Classic plastic. Additionally, it is a little bit more transparent than Classic plastic, which may make it a little bit harder to see the disc as it is in flight. Players looking for a putter that is both sturdy and comfortable to hold can choose the VIP.

Pros and cons of Gateway Wizard:

The Gateway Wizard putter has the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Flying route that is direct and stable
  • Decent glide
  • Trustworthy and constant.
  • obtainable in a range of plastic varieties to accommodate various climatic conditions and player preferences
  • Affordable
  • Convenient in the hand
  • Good for approach and putting shots
  • Can effectively handle windy conditions


  • Some players may find it a little too stable.
  • Not as effective as some other putters for long putts.

Characteristics and Qualities of Gateway Wizard:

Some of the Gateway Wizard’s main characteristics are listed below:


The Gateway Wizard is an overstable disc, which means that as it nears the conclusion of its flight, it will fade somewhat to the left (for right-handed throwers). It is a good disc for windy conditions because of this.


The Gateway Wizard is a disc that is incredibly precise. It will retain its line nicely and is simple to manage and release.


A number of polymers are available for The Gateway Wizard, all of which provide good grip. As a result, it works well in both dry and rainy circumstances.
Overall, both novice and expert players will find the Gateway Wizard to be a durable and adaptable putter disc.

Buying guide of Gateway Wizard:

The Gateway Wizard is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a dependable solid putter. It is a flexible disc that can be used for a number of different shots and is offered in a selection of plastics to meet your demands.

Depending on your playing circumstances and personal preferences, you can choose the ideal sort of plastic for the Gateway Wizard.

Classic plastic is an excellent pick if you’re searching for a putter that is reasonably priced and has a good grip.

The Classic Blend or Super Soft plastic are both good options if you require a putter that will hold up better in wet situations.

The VIP plastic is an excellent option if you want a putter that is long-lasting and easy to hold.

A tip:

In the end, experimenting with a few various plastic types to find the one you prefer is the best approach to determine which one is ideal for you.


A putter disc with a straight to a stable surface, the Gateway Wizard can be used for approach shots as well as putting. It is a solid option for players of all skill levels, but it is particularly well-liked by those who want a dependable disc that will hold a straight line in both calm and windy circumstances.

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