Friction Gloves Disc Golf

Friction gloves

Friction Gloves are the star in the world of disc golf gloves. They are intended expressly to overcome the issues of retaining hold on the disc. They have a reputation for improving your grip in all types of weather, from severe thunderstorms to the sting of cold, not neglecting the dangers of sweaty hands and muddy courses.

Disc Golf Gloves: 

Golf gloves are a specialist product developed to solve a specific problem: retaining grip on the disc in a variety of weather situations. Let’s take a closer look at their features, benefits, limitations, and who might find them most useful.

Features of Friction Gloves:


Friction gloves include a rubbery palm and fingertips. This rough surface is critical to their grip-enhancing capabilities.


They are often fingerless gloves that allow for flexibility while preserving disc feel, which is especially crucial when putting.


They are available in both single-handed (for throwing) and full-pair. If you want to buy friction gloves then you can click on the link:

Benefits of Friction Gloves:

Grip Like Glue:

The rubbery palm and fingers are the star of the show, with a textured surface that provides a strong grip on the disc even when wet or sticky from sweat. This equates to fewer throws that go off course and more accuracy.


Friction Gloves can function as a barrier against blisters, which are common among disc golfers. Additionally, they provide some warmth in cold conditions, keeping your hands comfy during the game.

Weather friendly:

These gloves are not one-trick ponies. They may be your dependable companions all year, providing a secure grip regardless of the weather.

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Drawbacks of Friction Gloves:

Controlling the Force:

Some players notice a small disconnect when using the gloves, resulting in a decreased sense of feeling the disc. This is especially obvious while doing delicate throws and putting, which need a delicate touch.

Wet weather difficulties:

While they are effective at repelling moisture, the gloves themselves are at risk of getting wet. After extended exposure to heavy rain, the grip-enhancing characteristics may diminish.

Difficulty in Availability:

Friction Gloves are a specialized item that may not be accessible at every disc golf store.

Wet Gloves:

While they provide a stronger grip than a bare hand in the rain, the gloves themselves might become wet, potentially compensating for their advantage after extended use.

Are Friction Gloves Suitable for You?

These gloves are suitable for:

Grip-Challenged Players:

Friction Gloves may be a game-changer for players who struggle to keep a solid grip on the disc.

Rainy Day Regulars:

For those who endure the weather and routinely play in rainy situations, these gloves provide an essential edge.

Alternatives to friction gloves:

Disc Towel:

In most cases, a reliable disc towel applied regularly during the round will be enough to retain grip.

Technique is King:

Developing a solid throwing form with a firm grip will considerably lessen the need for gloves to improve grip.

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