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dynamic discs warden

When dynamic discs Warden was released or introduced?

The Warden, an alternative to the well-liked Dynamic Discs Judge putter, was introduced in 2017.

Beadless putter:

The Warden’s lack of a bead on the rim indicates it is a beadless putter. It is made for maximum accuracy and control. It is ideal for both putting and approach shots because of its neutral flight path and little fade near the end.
This makes it a fantastic option for those who experience stroke interference from beads. The Warden is also offered in a selection of plastics, each with its own special qualities.

Plastic types:

The Dynamic Discs Warden is offered in several plastic types, such as Classic, Prime, and Lucid. You can select the plastic blend that best meets your demands because each has distinctive qualities of its own. The various plastic mixtures available for the Dynamic Discs Warden are briefly described below:


For golfers searching for a stiff golf disc, classic plastic offers the ideal balance of sensitivity and firmness. Its high level of durability makes it a wise alternative for players who abuse their discs.


Prime plastic is still quite durable despite being a little softer than Classic plastic. Additionally, it has a little bit more grip, which makes it a suitable option for players who play in gloomy or damp situations.

Lucid plastic:

The most expensive plastic blend that Dynamic Discs offers is called Lucid. It is a terrific option for players who seek the finest performance from their discs because it is incredibly durable and has excellent grip.

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Flight ratings of Dynamic Discs Warden:

Here are some more specifics regarding the Dynamic Discs Warden:
• Speed: 2
• Glide: 4
• Turn: 0
• Fade: 0.5

Speed: 2

This implies that the Warden is a disc that moves slowly. Long drives are not its intended use, but it is incredibly accurate and dependable for putting and approaching strokes.

Glide: 4

Because of its improved glide, the Warden will be able to stay in the air for an extended period. It is a good option in windy situations because of this.

Turn: 0

This implies that the Warden is not going off course much when flying. With a tiny fade at the end, it will fly straight.

Fade: 0.5

As a result, the Warden fades slightly to the left at the end of its flight.

Who can use warden?

A wonderful option for players of all skill levels is The Warden. To meet your needs, it is precise, controlled, and offered in a range of polymers. The Dynamic Discs Warden is a fantastic option to take into consideration if you want to add a new putter to your bag.

Which professional disc golfers use dynamic disc warden?

Professional disc golfers like
Paul Ulibarri
• Ricky Wysocki

favor the Warden as a putter.

Reviews of professional disc golfer about dynamic disc warden?

Paul Ulibarri says:

“My go-to putter for both putting and approach shots is The Warden. It feels lovely and soft in the hand and is highly accurate and controlling”.

Rick Wysocki says:

“Players of all skill levels will love the Warden as a putter. It has a predictable flight path, and it is simple to throw and manage”

Paige Pierce says:

“For me, The Warden is the ideal putter. It lacks beads, which I like, and has a reliable, neutral flying path.

Pros and cons of dynamic discs warden:

The Dynamic Discs Warden putter’s advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • decent glide
  • direct flight
  • offered in a range of plastics


  • a little slow for lengthy drives
  • Some people might not like the beadless rim.

Buying guide of dynamic discs warden:

The ideal plastic mixture for the Dynamic Discs Warden ultimately comes down to your tastes and playing style.

You should prefer Classic plastic if you want a strong and long-lasting putter.

Prime plastic is a good choice if you’re looking for a putter with a little bit extra grip.

Lucid plastic is the greatest choice if you want the highest performance imaginable.


All things considered, the Dynamic Discs Warden is a terrific putter disc that is a great option for both new and seasoned players. It has superb glide and is accurate and dependable. It is an excellent option for putting and approaching.

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