Discraft Zone Putter Disc Golf

discraft zone putter disc golf

The Discraft Zone is a disc with many uses and may be used for many different kinds of shots. Its flying path is predictable, accurate, and controllable. It is wise for players of all skill levels, but expert players favor it the most.
Players of various skill levels who play disc golf frequently choose The Zone. It is a good option for putting and approaching shots because of its precision and dependability. For windy situations, The Zone is a wise option.

When Discraft Zone putters disc golf was released, introduced, or made?

An overstable approach disc called The Discraft Zone was originally made available in 2005.

What putter does Paul McBeth use? Which professional disc golfers use Discraft Zone?

Professional disc golfers like
Paul McBeth
• Nate Sexton

enjoys using it and is a fan of the Zone putter.

Who designed Discraft zone putters disc golf?

Ed Headrick, the creator of Discraft, created The Zone.

Flight ratings of Discraft zone:

Flight ratings of Discraft Zone are as follows:
• Speed:4
• Glide:3
• Turn: 0
• Fade: 3

Speed: 4

A disc’s speed rating is a gauge of how quickly it will fly. The Zone is a medium-speed disc with a 4-speed rating. This makes it a suitable option for approaches and upshots where a little distance is required.

Glide: 3

A disc’s glide rating indicates how much lift the disc will provide. As a result, the Zone will have good glide and stay in the air for a longer time. It is a favorable choice in windy situations because of this.

Turn: 0

A disc’s turn rating describes how much it will turn when thrown flat. The Zone won’t turn at all if the turn rating is 0. It becomes an extremely stable disc as a result, holding its line even in the wind.

Fade: 3

The amount a disc will fade at the conclusion of its flight is indicated by the fade rating. For RHBH throwers, a zone with a fade rating of 3 will heavily fade to the right. For approaches and upshots where you require the disc to finish on a certain line, this makes it a good option.

If you want to know about the dimensions of Discraft Zone then click on the link dimensions of Discraft Zone.

Plastic type of Discraft Zone:


ESP plastic is a tough plastic that works well for both approach shots and putting. It is quite dependable despite not being quite as gripping as some other plastics.


Z plastic is still quite durable even though it is a little stiffer than ESP plastic. It is also better for damp circumstances than ESP plastic since it is more gripping.


For players who seek a disc that is simpler to throw in damp situations, jawbreaker plastic is a more flexible material that offers a better grip.

Ti FLX plastic:

Ti FLX plastic is a more resilient and overstable variation of Z plastic.

Cryztal FLX:

The exceptionally flexible Cryztal FLX plastic works well for both putting and approach shots. It is incredibly grippy and forgiving but not as strong as other plastics.

Comparison Table Of Discraft Zone’s flight ratings for various polymers:

The Discraft Zone’s flight ratings for various polymers are listed in the following table:

Ti FLX4304
CryZtal FLX4303

Beaded design:

The Zone is a beaded putter, which implies that the rim of the putter has a little lip. This lip can aid in better accuracy by assisting with the hold of the chains on the basket.

Pros and cons of Discraft zone:

The Discraft Zone putter has the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • extremely unstable
  • precise and manageable
  • offered in a range of plastics
  • a good option for gamers of all abilities


  • might be challenging for beginners to throw
  • Long putts don’t work as well.
  • may be wind-sensitive

Buying Guide of Discraft Zone:

A putter that may be used in a variety of situations is the Discraft Zone. Your playing style and personal preferences will determine the plastic you select.

ESP or Z plastic is a fantastic option if you want a tough putter that can handle both putting and approach strokes.

Cryztal FLX plastic is a wonderful choice if you’re searching for a putter that is forgiving and grippy.


Overall, players of all skill levels will love the Discraft Zone as an approach disc. Its flying path is predictable, accurate, and controllable. It works well for putting and approaching shots.

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