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discraft challenger

With a small bead and a thick rim, the Discraft Challenger is an overstable putter and approach disc. Although it is made for players of various skill levels, expert players generally prefer it the most. The Challenger is a dependable disc for both putting and approach strokes because of its flight rating of 2, 3, 0, 2.

It will retain a straight line and has good glide with a tiny fade at the finish. The Challenger is a wonderful option for windy circumstances because it is also quite resistant to rolling over.

Which professional disc golfer uses Discraft Challenger?

Professional disc golfers sponsored by Discraft frequently select and support the Challenger, including Paul McBeth, one of the most prominent and well-known players in the sport. The Challenger is also used by many other elite golfers to improve their putting.

Design of Discraft Challenger:

The Challenger’s design is a classic putter with a rounded edge and a deep rim. It has a bead on the underside of the rim, which offers a comfortable hold and more stability while flying.

Flight attributes and characteristics of Discraft Challenger:

The Challenger has a steady, straight flying path, which is one of its most notable flight characteristics. It flies straight with little fading at the end of the flight because of its neutral stability. Because of this, it’s a great option for precise putts and approach shots.

Flight ratings:

The Discraft Challenger has the following flying ratings:
• Speed: 2
• Glide: 3
• Turn: 0
• Fade: 2

Speed: 2

The disc’s flying speed is indicated by its speed rating. A speed of 2 indicates that the Discraft Challenger is a slow-moving, manageable disc.

Glide: 3

The disc’s lift potential is indicated by its glide rating. The Discraft Challenger will have a good glide and stay in the air for a long period if its glide is at 3.

Turn: 0

The turn rating describes how much the disc will turn to the left when thrown with Hyzer (for right-handed throwers). Turning over the Discraft Challenger won’t be simple with a turn of 0.

Fade: 2

For right-handed throwers, the fade rating describes how far the disc will fade to the left toward the end of its flight. A fade of two denotes a significant fade for the Discraft Challenger.

If you want to know about the dimensions of Discraft Challenger putter disc golf then click on the link Dimensions of Discraft Challenger putter disc.

Plastic type of Discraft Challenger:

The Challenger is offered in a range of polymers, each with special qualities of its own. The most widely used polymers are FLX, a flexible and gripping plastic, and Pro-D, a strong and reasonably priced plastic.
The Challenger is available in a variety of polymers, some of which are listed below:

• Pro D Putter plastic:

The Discraft Challenger’s primary plastic is this. It has a decent grip and is reasonably priced.

• Jawbreaker:

This material offers a good grip in slippery conditions and is more resilient than Putter plastic.

• ESP:

This material offers steady flying and is quite durable.

• Big Z:

The Discraft Challenger’s most resilient plastic option is this one. Additionally, it has excellent grip and feels well in the hand.

Attributes of Discraft Challenger:

There are many attributes of Discraft Challenger some are as follows:

Performance on the Putt:

The Discraft Challenger has excellent putting capabilities. It is a favorite of many professional and enthusiast disc golfers due to its clean release and consistent flight path. The bead on the rim’s pleasant grip enables a steady release, which is necessary for precise putts.


The Discraft Challenger may be used for close-range approach shots, although it is primarily intended as a putter. In controlled upshots and drives when accuracy is essential, its straight flight path and dependable steadiness make it handy.


The Challenger’s stability might vary slightly based on the type of plastic used and the degree of disc wear. It is generally regarded as a steady putter, which implies that it has a tendency to retain its line during flight and refrain from rolling over or fading excessively.

The Discraft Challenger is an overstable putter that is appropriate for players of all ability levels thanks to its flight ratings. It works well for putting, throwing approaches, and even short-distance driving.

Beaded Putter:

The Challenger has a tiny lip on the edge of the rim because it is a beaded putter. Due to its ability to prevent the disc from flipping over, it is an excellent option for users who experience this problem.

Pros and cons of Discraft Challenger:

Listed below are some advantages and disadvantages of the Discraft Challenger putter:


  • It is reliable for both putting and approaching shots because of its overstable flight.
  • A putter with good glide
  • Not at risk of rolling over
  • A variety of plastics are available to accommodate various weather conditions and player preferences.


  • Some players may find it a little too unstable.
  • Unlike some other putters, it’s not as cozy in the hand.
  • Not as effective as some other putters for long putts.

Buying guide

Depending on your particular preferences and playing circumstances, you can choose the ideal plastic. The Discraft Challenger Putter plastic is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a putter that is reasonably priced and has a nice grip.

The Jawbreaker plastic is a good option if you require a putter with greater durability for damp conditions.

The ESP plastic is an excellent alternative if you want the most robust solution with reliable flight.

The Big Z plastic is the finest option if you want the most robust option with a superb hand feel.

A tip:

In the end, testing out a few different plastics to determine which one feels the best in your hand is the best method for selecting a Discraft Challenger.


Overall, players of all skill levels will love the Discraft Challenger as a putter and approach disc. Advanced players who want a reliable disc that will maintain a straight line in windy situations are particularly fond of it.

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