Discmania P2 Putter Disc Golf:

discmania P2

A putter disc with a straight flight path and consistent fade is the Discmania P2. It is a beadless disc, therefore the rim’s edge is not embellished with a tiny bump. Some players may find their grip to be more comfortable as a result.

Flight Characteristics of Discmania P2:

It has superb glide and is accurate and dependable. It works well for putting and approaching shots. It is a medium-sized putter with a shallow rim based on these measurements. Because of this, holding it when putting or throwing is pleasant.

Flight ratings of Discmania P2:

Flight ratings of Discmania P2 are as follows:
• Speed:2
• Glide:3
• Turn:0
• Fade:1

Speed: 2

The P2 is a slow-flying disc, according to this. Long drives are not its intended use, but it is incredibly accurate and dependable for putting and approaching strokes.

Glide: 3

The P2 will have a decent glide, which means it will stay in the air for a longer amount of time, according to the glide rating of 3. It is a good option in windy situations because of this.

Turn: 0

This indicates that the P2 won’t move much while flying. With a tiny fade at the end, it will fly straight.

Fade: 1

As a result, the P2 will (for right-handed throwers) fade slightly to the right at the end of its flight. It is a good option in windy situations because of this.

If you want to know about the dimensions of Discmania P2 then click on the link dimensions of Discmania P2

Plastic type of Discmania P2:

The P2 is produced using Discmania’s D-Line, G-Line, and S-Line plastics, each of which has distinct qualities that make it appropriate for certain player types and playing environments.

D-Line Plastic:

The P2’s most widely used plastic. For both putting and approach shots, this plastic is strong and sticky. For disc golfers on a tight budget, D-Line Plastic is a fantastic alternative because it is also reasonably priced.

G-Line Plastic:

Even more resilient than D-Line material, G-Line Plastic is a high-end material. It is also better for damp or sticky circumstances because it is more gripping. However, the price difference between G-Line and D-Line Plastic is substantially greater.

S-Line material:

This is Discmania’s most durable material. It is exceptionally wind resistant but not as gripping as D-Line or G-Line Plastic. Players searching for a putter that won’t flip over in the wind might consider S-Line Plastic.

Comparison table of different plastics of Discmania P2:

The various polymers used in the Discmania P2 putter are listed in the following table:

D-Line PlasticDurable and grippingGoodGoodAffordable
G-Line PlasticPremium plasticExcellentExcellentMore expensive
S-Line PlasticMost stable plasticExcellentPoorMore expensive

Beadless design:

The P2 lacks a slight lip on the rim because it is a beadless putter. Because of this, players who favor a smooth release might consider the P2.

Pros and cons of Discmania P2:

The pros and cons of the Discmania P2 putter are listed below:


  • A straight line of flight
  • Trustworthy fade
  • Gripping and long-lasting polymers
  • Good for approach and putting shots


  • For some players, a rim without beads may not be pleasant.
  • Some gamers may find it a little slow.


The Discmania P2 is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a putter with a consistent fade that flies straight. It is a flexible disc that may be utilized for approach shots as well as putts. Additionally, it comes in a range of polymers to accommodate various circumstances and tastes.

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