Best Putters Disc Golf Gloves Reviews

best putters disc golf gloves

If it comes to me I don’t prefer to wear disc golf gloves while I am playing disc golf. Whether it’s raining or it is a minus degree outside I don’t wear gloves. I prefer to play barehanded as I enjoy much barehanded.

It is completely your choice to wear gloves or not but some people prefer and like to wear gloves as it helps them in improving their grip.

When it comes to disc golf gloves, golfers use them differently. While there is no “best” putter or disc golf glove, both contribute to your putting performance. Let’s look at the best putters and the benefits and drawbacks of gloves to help you improve your putting game.

Benefits of using disc golf gloves:

Improved grip:

Gloves, particularly in damp or sweaty circumstances, can give more grip on the disc, resulting in more consistent throws and fewer throws falling out of your hand.

Reduced wear and tear on hands:

Another benefit is that it protects your hands from any cuts or injuries like wear and tear or any other mishap. It is popular among disc golfers and golfers use them frequently.

comfortable in cold weather:

The major advantage of this glove is that it can keep your hands warm and cozy in chilly and cold weather.

Cons of wearing disc golf gloves:

The feeling is reduced:

Some players say that wearing gloves reduces their feel for the disc, making it more difficult to control their throws.

Less ability:

Gloves can make it harder to feel the texture of the disc, which is useful for putting.

Sometimes not necessary:

If you do not have grip issues or chilly hands, you may not require gloves.

Best Putters Disc Golf Gloves:

Here are some famous disc golf gloves to consider, they are as follows:

Friction gloves:

Friction gloves are a popular choice among disc golfers. It is considered to be the no 1 disc golf glove. They are made of a breathable material that provides an exceptional grip on the disc.

Friction gloves are specifically intended for disc sports such as ultimate frisbee and disc golf. They are renowned for their ability to maintain a constant hold on the disc in all weather situations, including dry, wet, hot, and cold.

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Grip-IT Gloves:

Grip-It gloves are another popular option for disc golfers. They come in a variety of sizes and designs.

Stinger Gloves:

Stinger Gloves are a good option for golfers looking for a glove designed specifically for disc golf. They have a silicone palm that provides a firm grip on the disc.

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Final Thought:

Ultimately, whether or not to wear disc golf gloves is a personal choice. If you’re thinking about trying them out, be sure to choose a pair that fits properly and allows for decent agility.

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