Best Disc Golf Putters for Beginners

best putters disc golf

There are numerous excellent putter alternatives for newbie disc golfers, but here are some of the most popular and well-rated and you can say the best beginner putters disc golf are as follows:

Latitude 64 Pure disc golf putter:

Latitude 64 Pure:

Popular putter discs used in the game of disc golf include the Latitude 64 Pure. The Pure is one of the most popular and well-regarded models from the well-known Swedish disc golf manufacturer Latitude 64.
These are some crucial specifics of the Latitude 64 Pure:

Latitude 64 Pure Flight ratings:

• Speed: 3
• Glide: 3
• Turn: -1
• Fade: 1

Latitude 64 Pure Disc Plastic:

The Pure is offered in a variety of plastic varieties, each with unique properties. The plastic blends used by Latitude 64 include
• Opto,
• Gold Line,
• Zero Line,
• Retro Line.
The plastics Gold Line, which provides an excellent grip, Zero Line, which is stickier for better grip, and Retro Line, which has a retro appearance and feel, are all durable and translucent.

Dimensions of Latitude 64 Pure:

The Latitude 64 Pure putter has the following measurements:

• Dimensions: 21.2 cm

• Size: 1.8 cm

• Depth: 1.4 cm deep at the rim

• Width: 1 cm wide at the rim
The Latitude 64 Pure is a medium-sized putter with a shallow rim, as you can see. This makes it a terrific option for those seeking a putter that is easy to release and grasp.

Latitude 64 Pure Weight Variation:

The Pure comes in various weights, usually between 165 and 175 grams. Your throwing style and personal preferences will determine the weight you select. While lighter discs are simpler for beginners or players with less force to throw, heavier discs typically manage wind better and offer more stability.

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Innova Aviar disc golf putter:

Innova Aviar

One of the top companies in the disc golf sector, Innova Discs, created and produced the well-known Innova Aviar putter. One of the most recognizable and adaptable putters on the market is the Aviar, which is highly acclaimed. It is considered to be “the most popular putter in the world”.

Innova Aviar Flight ratings:

Flight ratings of Innova Aviar are as follows:
• Speed:2
• Glide:3
• Turn:0
• Fade:1

Innova Aviar Plastic Blends:

The Aviar is offered in a variety of plastic blends, each with a unique set of qualities like sturdiness, grip, and feel. Innova produces a variety of plastic mixes, including the
• DX,
• XT,
• Star,
• Champion,
• Pro blends.
The most popular and reasonably priced alternative is DX plastic, but more expensive blends like Star and Champion offer increased durability.

Innova Aviar Popular versions:

To accommodate various player preferences, Innova has over the years introduced a number of Aviar versions.
• Aviar Classic,
• Aviar3,
• AviarX3
are prominent variations. These alterations could have minor changes to the flight characteristics, including a shallower rim, a lower profile, or increased stability.

Innova Aviar Professional Use:

The Innova Aviar has received a lot of support from disc golf professionals and has served as a go-to putter for numerous champions. Due to its dependable flight and constant performance, it has become a well-liked option among players of all skill levels.

Dimensions of Innova Aviar

The Innova Aviar measures as follows:

• Dimensions: 21.2 cm
• Size: 2.0 cm
• Depth: 1.5 cm deep at the rim
• Width: 0.9 cm wide at the rim
• Weight limit: 175 grams
A medium-sized putter with a shallow rim is the Innova Aviar. Compared to the well-liked Innova Destroyer driver, it is slightly smaller. There are different weights of the Aviar, ranging from 150 grams to 175 grams. The Aviar’s most common weight is 175 grams.

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Discraft Challenger putter disc golf:

Discraft Challenger

One of the top disc golf manufacturers in the world, Discraft, produces the well-known Discraft Challenger putter. In the sport of disc golf, the Challenger is specially made for precise putting and close-range approach shots.
Details on the Discraft Challenger disc golf putter are provided below:

Discraft Challenger Flight ratings:

The Discraft Challenger putter is frequently praised for its stability and predictable flight path. The Discraft Challenger putter’s flight ratings are normally as follows,
• Speed: 2
• Glide: 3
• Turn 0
• fade 2
The Discraft Challenger appears to fly at a moderate speed, with a small amount of glide, no apparent turns during flight, and a slight fade towards the end of the flight, according to these ratings. Due to these qualities, it can be used for both putting and close-range approach shots.

Discraft Challenger Plastic types:

Discraft offers several different plastic varieties for The Challenger, each with special qualities of its own. For the Challenger, popular plastic alternatives include:
• Pro-D,
• Jawbreaker,
• Z-Line,
• ESP plastic.
The feel, grip, and durability of each type of plastic vary, giving players the option to select the one that best meets their interests.

Dimensions of Discraft challenger:

The Discraft Challenger’s measurements are as follows:

• Dimensions: 21.0 cm
• Size: 2.2 cm
• 1.6 cm deep at the rim
• 1 cm wide at the rim
The disc’s diameter is equal to its total breadth. The height is measured from the disc’s top to bottom. The distance between the rim’s edge and the disc’s center is known as the rim depth. The rim’s width is exactly that—its width.

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MVP Atom putter disc golf:

MVP Atom

The well-known disc golf manufacturer MVP Disc Sports produces the MVP Atom, a well-liked putter disc. Many players like the Atom putter due to its consistent steadiness and straight flight path. The MVP Atom putter is described in the following detail:

MVP Atom Flight Characteristics and Ratings:

The MVP Atom putter is made to fly straight with little fade. It flies in a straight direction and has a solid finish because of its neutral stability. It has flight ratings of:
• Speed: 3
• Glide: 3
• Turn: 0
• Fade: 1
It has a stability rating of 0, which indicates that it will fly fairly straight with little turn or fade. This makes it a superb option for precise short-range shots and controlled putts. This qualifies it for precise putts and carefully timed approach strokes.

MVP Atom Disc Plastic:

The MVP Atom is offered in a variety of plastic blends, each of which has unique properties. MVP Disc Sports frequently uses the plastic combinations of
• Electron
• Neutron
• Proton
Proton plastic delivers a harder feel and greater durability, Neutron plastic offers a mix of grip and durability, and Electron plastic offers a sticky and gripping sensation.

Dimensions of the MVP Atom:

The MVP Atom’s dimensions are as follows:
• 21.1 cm (8.3 inches) is the diameter.
• Height: 0.75 inches (1.9 cm)
• Rim depth: 0.55 inches (1.4 cm)
• Rim thickness: 0.43 inches (1.1 cm)
• Diameter of the inner rim: 18.8 cm (7.4 inches)

MVP Atom Weight Range:

The MVP Atom comes in various weights, usually between 165 and 175 grams. Your throwing style and personal preferences will determine the weight you select. While beginners or players with less strength prefer lighter discs because they are easier to manage, heavier discs are more stable and can better withstand wind.

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Dynamic Discs Warden putter disc golf:

Dynamic Discs Warden

Both beginners and expert players will find the Dynamic Discs Warden to be a reliable and adaptable putter disc. It has superb glide and is accurate and dependable. It works well for putting and approaching shots.

Dynamic Discs Warden Flight ratings:

Flight ratings of the warden are as follows:
• Speed:2
• Glide:4
• Turn:0
• Fade:0.

Dynamic Discs Warden Plastic type:

The Warden is offered in several plastic types, including
• Classic,
• Classic Blend,
• Fuzion, and
• Prime.
You can select the plastic that best meets your needs because each has distinctive qualities.

What are the dimensions and weight of a dynamic disc warden?

Here are some of the dimensions regarding the Warden:
• Dimensions: 21.2 cm
• Height: 1.7 cm
• 1.5 cm rim depth;
• 1 cm rim width
• Weight: 175 grams
• Primary Use: Putt & Approach
• Stability: Straight
• Recommended Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
• Plastic grade(s): Baseline, Midgrade, Premium.

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Factors to consider while buying a putter:


The putter’s feel, toughness, and flight characteristics will all be influenced by the type of plastic it is composed of. DX, Champion, Star, and ESP are a few common plastics used in putters.

Rim depth:

The rim depth is the separation between the disc’s outside edge and its center. While a deep rim will offer more stability, a shallow rim will be simpler to grip.


The putter’s weight will have an impact on its speed and glide. Lighter putters fly faster and have less glide than heavier putters, which fly slower and have more glide.

Beaded vs. beadless:

Some putters feature a bead around the rim, whereas others are beadless. While beadless putters are typically more forgiving, beaded putters tend to be more stable.

Personal preference:

Individual preference In the end, trying out a few different putters to see which one feels and flies best is the best approach to determine which putter is ideal for you.


How the disc feels in your palm is the most crucial aspect. Try out several different putters in your hands to see which one is most comfortable.

Final say:

These are some of the putters that can easily be used by beginners and experts as well depending on their personal choices and keeping in mind these above-mentioned factors.

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