Best Disc Golf Putter Pouch

best disc golf putter pouch

What is a putter pouch?

A putter pouch is a specific bag meant to keep your putters while you’re playing disc golf. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, providing a lot of options to transport your putters based on your tastes and playing style.

Purpose of putter pouch:

Easy accessibility:

Putters are used often through a disc golf round, thus rapid access is essential. Pouches keep things easily accessible, and save you time and effort over pulling them out of a bag or cart.


Discs can become scratched or destroyed if thrown around carelessly. Pouches offer a comfortable location to store your putters, particularly precious or fragile ones.


If you have many putters for various putting techniques or distances, pouches can assist keep them organized and divided for quick access.

Determining the exact “best” disc golf putter pouch is dependent on your own needs and tastes. Some of the types of disc golf putter pouches are as follows:

Types of Disc Golf Putter Pouch:

  1. Cart-mounted pouches
  2. Belt-mounted pouches
  3. Sling-style pouches

1 Cart-mounted pouches:

These are the pouches attached to your disc golf cart and provide instant access while you drive the course. some are as follows:

-Infinite Discs Power Pocket:

A customer favorite, this multipurpose pouch connects to most disc golf carts with Velcro straps and provides enough storage. It comes in four sizes (S, M, L, and XXL) and can hold up to 15 discs, your phone, a rangefinder, and other accessories, making it perfect for players who carry a lot of equipment.

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Pros and cons of Infinite Discs Power Pocket:


  • Large storage capacity
  • secure attachment
  • a variety of sizing possibilities


  • Bulky for those with limited space
  • may not suit all cart models.

-Prodigy Disc Putter Pouch:

This bag is a low-cost solution that firmly connects to any disc golf cart with Velcro and stores 2-3 putters as well as minor items such as pencils and scorecards. It’s ideal for casual golfers who want easy access to their putters without breaking their wallets.

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Pros and cons of Prodigy Disc Putter Pouch:


  • Cheap
  • simple to attach
  • contains a lot of goods


  • Limited storage space
  • making it unsuitable for transporting a large number of discs.

-ZUCA Disc Golf Putter Pouch:

This fashionable pouch from ZUCA has a large opening for up to four putters and extra compartments for your phone, micro disc, and other essentials. It connects to cart handles by Velcro or a carabiner clip, providing adaptability and efficiency.

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Pros and cons of ZUCA Disc Golf Putter Pouch:


  • Stylish design,
  • several attachment possibilities,
  • handy pockets.


  • May not carry as many discs as other alternatives
  • significantly more pricey.

2 Belt-mounted pouches:

These are the pouches that you Wear on your belt for convenient access and hands-free operation.

-Dynamic Discs Mini Mamba:

This compact, lightweight bag can accommodate 2-3 putters on your belt and has a magnetic tie for easy access. It’s ideal for golfers who want to travel light and concentrate on their putting game.

Pros and cons of Dynamic Discs Mini Mamba:


  • Lightweight,
  • simple design,
  • easy-access closing.


  • Limited storage capacity,
  • making it unsuitable for transporting a large number of discs or accessories.

-Grip Disc Golf AXE Putter Pouch:

This multipurpose pouch contains 2-3 putters and is attached to your belt with a sturdy clip. It also has a tiny pen pocket and a built-in hand warmer for chilly games, giving it a versatile option for year-round play.

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Pros and cons of Grip Disc Golf AXE Putter Pouch:


  • Secure connection,
  • Built-in hand warmer,
  • Tiny pen pocket.


  • May feel hard on your belt,
  • With limited storage room for more stuff.

-Rogue Iron Disc Golf Putter Pouch:

This smart pouch can contain 3-4 putters in separate sections, keeping them tidy and conveniently accessible. It clips to your belt and has extra storage for micro discs, pencils, and other small objects, making it ideal for gamers who want to keep their basics close at hand.

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Pros and cons of Rogue Iron Disc Golf Putter Pouch:


  • Separate putter sections,
  • Practical storage pockets,
  • A safe belt attachment.


  • Slightly more pricey than others,
  • May feel heavy on the belt.

3 Sling-style pouches:

The sling-style pouch is a hands-free design that usually comes with a single strap that you can carry either on your chest or shoulder, making them popular among those who want to go either on the road, hiking, or just enjoying their city.

-ZUCA Disc Golf Putter Pouch Sling:

This multi-purpose sling bag can contain up to four putters, a cell phone, a scorecard, a small disc,  a rangefinder, and even a towel, making it perfect for players who want to keep everything they need without using a large backpack. It’s a practical choice for individuals who want to have their necessities close by.

Pros and cons of ZUCA Disc Golf Putter Pouch Sling:


  • Several pockets,
  • comfortable sling style,
  • can store a variety of items.


  • It may seem heavy
  • This is not suitable for gamers who like the least equipment.

-Pound Disc Golf Sling Bag:

This flexible sling bag can accommodate 4-6 discs, including putters, mids, and drives. It also has various extra pockets and a comfortable shoulder strap for convenient transportation, providing mobility for players with a broad disc selection.

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Pros and cons of Pound Disc Golf Sling Bag:


  • Supports a variety of disc types,
  • Has many pockets,
  • Has a comfortable sling style.


  • It may not be perfect for golfers who just require a putter pouch,
  • It has a somewhat bigger profile than some other alternatives.

How to find the best putter disc golf pouch?

Quantity of putters you carry:

Select a pouch that securely accommodates all of your chosen putters and have enough space.

Storage capacity:

If you have additional pockets for small discs, scorecards, keys, or other goods? if yes then you should buy a pouch.

Convenience and attachment style:

Examine how the pouch will be worn and select one that is both comfortable and secure. and according to your requirenments.

Budget friendly:

The price of putter pouches varies according to their features and materials, you should choose one that is budget friendly and comfortable as well.

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