Best Beaded Disc Golf Putters

beaded putter disc golf

Your putting style and preferences will determine which beaded putter disc golf is ideal for you. But these are a few of the best-selling and most renowned beaded putters available right now:

Axiom Envy Disc Golf Putter:

Axiom envy

The versatility and steadiness of the Axiom Envy putter are well-known. It is made to provide a consistent flight path and consistent fade, making it appropriate for both driving and putting. The Envy’s beaded rim and flat top make it easy to hold when throwing and putting.

Axiom Envy Flight ratings:

The Axiom Envy putter has the following flight ratings:
• Speed: 3
• Glide: 3
• Turn:0
• fade:2

According to these flight ratings, the Axiom Envy has a modest speed and glide, little turn, and a steady fade. Its predictable flight path and reliable fade at the end of its flight make it a straight-to-overstable putter in most circles.

Axiom Envy Plastic type:

There are numerous plastic blends for the Axiom Envy putter, each with varying degrees of durability and grip. The plastic blends produced by Axiom include
• Neutron
• Proton
• Plasma
While Plasma plastic gives a distinctive visual appeal with its translucent appearance and Proton plastic is slightly more durable, Neutron material offers a solid compromise between grip and durability.

Dimensions of axiom envy:

• Diameter: 21.0 cm (8.27 inches) is the diameter.
• 1.8 cm (0.71 inches) tall or height
• Rim depth: 0.55 inches (1.4 cm)
• Rim thickness: 0.43 inches (1.1 cm)
• Diameter of the inner rim: 18.8 cm (7.4 inches)

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Gateway Wizard Disc Golf Putter:

The Wizard is a putter that flies neutrally and is renowned for its superb glide and smooth feel. For golfers who like a putter that is simpler to release, this is a fantastic alternative because it has a smaller bead and a shallower rim than the Judge.

gateway wizard Disc Golf Putter

A putter disc golf disc with a reputation for accuracy and stability is called the Gateway Wizard. Because it is a beaded disc, the rim includes a little lip that aids in grabbing the basket’s chain.

Gateway Wizard Flight ratings:

The Gateway Wizard has the following flying ratings:
• Speed: 2
• Glide: 3
• Turn 0
• fade 2
According to its flight ratings, the Gateway Wizard is an overstable, slow-flying disc. This indicates that while it won’t go very far, it will be quite wind-stable. The Wizard is a good option for approach shots as well as putting.

Gateway Wizard Plastic type:

A range of plastics, including
• Super Soft,
• Soft,
• VIP,
• G-Star,
• Lucid,
are available for The Wizard. Different plastics provide various degrees of sturdiness and grip.

Dimensions of Gateway Wizard:

The Gateway Wizard has the following measurements:

• 21.0 centimeters (8.27 inches) is the diameter.
• 2.1 cm (0.83 inches) in height
• Rim depth: 0.71 inches (1.8 cm)
• 0.39-inch (0.-centimeter) wide at the rim
• 175 grams (6.17 ounces) is the maximum weight.
• Use: Putt & Approach Mostly
• Overly unstable
• Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced Midgrade Inter Plastic grade(s)
• Beaded

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Prodigy PA-3 Disc Golf Putter:

Prodigy PA-3

The Prodigy PA-3 putter disc is fantastic and ideal for players of all ability levels. It is a straight-flying disc with a steady fade that works well for approach shots as well as putts. The PA-3 is a putter disc to take into consideration if you’re looking for a new one.

Prodigy PA-3” Flight ratings:

Ratings for the flight of Prodigy PA -3 are as follows:
• Speed: 3
• Glide: 3
• Turn 0
• fade 1

Prodigy PA-3” Plastic type:

Several plastics, including
• 300,
• 400,
• 500,
• 750,
are offered for the PA-3. You can select the plastic that best meets your needs because each has distinctive qualities.

Dimensions of PA-3:

The PA-3 is described in further detail below:
• Diameter: 21 cm
• Height: 2.2 cm
• Rim Depth: 1.8 cm
• Rim Width: 1.0 cm
• Max Weight: 175 g
• Primary Use: Putt & Approach
• Stability: Stable
• Recommended Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
• Plastic grade(s): Baseline, Premium, Midgrade

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Latitude 64 Pure Disc Golf Putter:

Known for its versatility, the Pure is a putter that flies straight. It works well for approach shots, putting, and even shorter tee shots. It has a hardly visible micro-bead and a modest rim.

latitude 64 pure

Popular putter discs used in the game of disc golf include the Latitude 64 Pure. The Pure is one of the most popular and well-regarded models from the well-known Swedish disc golf manufacturer Latitude 64.
These are some crucial specifics of the Latitude 64 Pure:

Latitude 64 Pure Flight ratings:

• Speed: 3
• Glide: 3
• Turn: -1
• Fade: 1

Latitude 64 Pure Disc Plastic:

The Pure is offered in a variety of plastic varieties, each with unique properties. The plastic blends used by Latitude 64 include
• Opto,
• Gold Line,
• Zero Line,
• Retro Line.
The plastics Gold Line, which provides an excellent grip, Zero Line, which is stickier for better grip, and Retro Line, which has a retro appearance and feel, are all durable and translucent.

Dimensions of Latitude 64 Pure:

The Latitude 64 Pure putter has the following measurements:

• Dimensions: 21.2 cm
• Size: 1.8 cm
• Depth: 1.4 cm deep at the rim
• Width: 1 cm wide at the rim
The Latitude 64 Pure is a medium-sized putter with a shallow rim, as you can see. This makes it a terrific option for those who seek a putter that is easy to release and pleasant to grasp.

Latitude 64 Pure Weight Variation:

The Pure comes in a variety of weights, usually weighing between 165 and 175 grams. Your throwing style and personal preferences will determine the weight you select. While lighter discs are simpler for beginners or players with less force to throw, heavier discs typically manage wind better and offer more stability.

If you want to read more about Latitude 64 Pure then click on the link Latitude 64 Pure putter disc golf.

Westside Discs Harp Disc Golf Putter:

Westside Discs Harp:

In the world of disc golf, the Westside Discs Harp is a well-liked putter and approach disc. It is renowned for being dependable, unstable, and versatile. The Harp is a go-to disc for both putting and close-range approach shots since it is made to handle a variety of shots.

Westside Discs Harp Flight characteristics and ratings:

The Westside Discs Harp’s flight ratings normally lie within the following range:

• Speed: 4
• Glide: 3
• Turn 0
• fade 3

These flight ratings show that the Harp has a moderate glide, a little turn, a substantial fade near the end of its flight, and a rather quick speed for a putter. The disc is suited for approaches and short drives that call for a powerful finishing fade thanks to the pronounced fade that helps the disc maintain a predictable flight path.

Westside Discs Harp Plastic type:

The disc is primarily offered in the VIP and Tournament plastic blends from Westside Discs. While Tournament plastic delivers a fair compromise between grip and durability, VIP plastic provides durability and a little overstable flight.
It includes:
• BT Hard
• BT Medium
• VIP material
• VIP air

Dimensions of Westside Discs Harp:

The Westside Discs Harp has the following measurements:

• 21.2 centimeters (8.35 inches) is the diameter.
• 1.6 cm (0.63 inches) in height
• Rim depth: 0.55 inches (1.4 cm)
• Rim width: 0.43 inches (1.1 cm)
• Maximum weight: 176 g (6.21 oz)

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Pros and Cons of Beaded Disc Golf Putter:


  • Better grip
  • Improved control
  • Increased stability
  • Higher glide


  • Less convenient for players with tiny hands
  • It may not be as adaptable.

Final Thought:

Trying out a few different discs and seeing which one feels the most comfortable and plays the best for you is ultimately the best method to choose which beaded putter is ideal.

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