Best Approach Putters Disc Golf

Best Approach Putters Disc Golf

There are many putters and all have their strengths and weaknesses. some are discussed in this article. When you require extra distance or a certain flight pattern to reach the basket from a longer distance, an approach disc gives greater flexibility. They usually come with unique strengths, some are overstable some are stable and others are understable. Some of the most common and highly regarded approach putters are as follows:

Overstable putters:

Some of the Overstable putters are as follows:

-Kastaplast Berg:

The Kastaplast Berg is an overstable, slow-moving putter that may be used for both approach shots and putting. It is well known for consistently maintaining any line thrown at it and for flying. Professional disc golfers frequently use the Berg, and amateur disc golfers are also starting to embrace it. Its unique, narrow, beadless design is a good wind fighter and maintains lines extremely well, making it popular for short, tricky shots.

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-Discraft Zone:

For strokes that call for a great deal of control and fade, The Zone is frequently employed as the approaching disc. In windy situations, it can also be utilized for putting. The Zone is a flexible disc that works for several different shots. Classic overstable workhorse, dependable hyzer, and windy disc, comfortable rim, adaptable to easy approaches and scrambling circumstances.

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-MVP Neutron Envy:

MVP Neutron Envy is extremely overstable, trustworthy for battling wind and managing tight lines, with a pleasant grip and good glide for long approaches.

-Westside Discs Maiden:

A putter with a lot of versatility, the Westside Discs Maiden may be utilized for many different shots. Its flying path is predictable, accurate, and controllable. It is a fantastic option for players of all skill levels, although beginners and intermediate players tend to favor it the most. Straight-flying with a consistent fade handles power well, and is suitable for both putting and approaching.

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Flight characteristics of overstable putters:


Positive turn rating (e.g., +1, +2) indicates that they avoid turning right for right-handed throwers and finish with a powerful left fade.


A moderate to high fade grade ensures a consistent turn to the left at the end of the flight.


It is often less than neutral or understable putters.


Typically slow (speed 2-3), with a focus on managing distance for putting and delicate approaches.

Advantages and Disadvantages of overstable putters:


  • perfect for windy weather.
  • Hyzer approaches
  • Their steady flight is ideal for forehand throws


  • Distance is limited by their lower glide and stronger fade
  • Beginner difficulty

Stable putters:

Stable approach discs fall somewhere between overstable and understable, providing predictable flight behavior that is ideal for a variety of on-course situations. some of the stable putters are as follows:

-Latitude 64 Pure:

Popular putter discs used in the game of disc golf include the Latitude 64 Pure. The Pure is one of the most popular and well-regarded models from the well-known Swedish disc golf manufacturer Latitude 64. Neutral flight with minimum turn, quick release, excellent at straight lines and controlled turns, adaptable to different approach angles.

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-Axiom Proxy:

Straight flyer with a small fade, comfortable grip, suitable for both putting and controlled approaches; a favorite pick among beginners.

-Gateway Wizard:

A putter disc golf disc with a reputation for accuracy and stability is called the Gateway Wizard. Because it is a beaded disc, the rim includes a little lip that aids in grabbing the basket’s chain. A classic putter with a solid path, available in a variety of plastics to suit your grip style, and ideal for delicate approaches and touch situations.

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Flight Characteristics of Stable Putters:


Low (about 0) or somewhat negative (-0.5 to -1).


Low fade grade (0 to 0.5), indicating a minor left turn at the end of their flight.


Varies depending on the type, but is often higher than overstable putters, enabling decent forward movement.


Typically slow (speed 2-3) for accurate putting and short approaches.

Advantages and Disadvantages of stable putters:


  • Versatility
  • Wind resistance
  • Variety of shots


  • They may not be successful at fighting extreme headwinds
  • Limited distance

Understable putter:

-Dynamic Discs Lucid Justice:

Straight-flying with a consistent turn, ideal for hyzer flips and turnovers, and suitable for controlled skill shots and rollers is dynamic discs lucid justice.

-Discmania P2:

Straight to slightly under stable, consistent turn and fade, comfortable grip, ideal for putting and approach shots with mild turn potential. The Discmania P2 is a fantastic putter disc that is ideal for players of all skill levels overall. It is a straight-flying disc with a steady fade that works well for approach shots as well as putts. The P2 is undoubtedly a putter disc to take into consideration if you’re searching for a new one.

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Prodigy PA-5:

Prodigy PA-5 is also an example of understable putter. This disc is recognized for its soft and understable putt and approach. It’s an excellent alternative for both newbies and expert players who wish to accomplish hyzer flip throws.

Flight Characteristics of understable putters:


They have Negative turn ratings (e.g., -1, -2)


They have Low fade ratings (0 to 0.5)


It is often higher than overstable putters, allowing for decent forward movement.


They are typically modest (speed 2-3)

Advantages and Disadvantages of understable putters:


  • Easy for beginners
  • They perform better in tailwinds than stable putters


  • Strong headwinds might push them more to the right than planned.
  • Less predictable

Final say:

The most crucial thing is to get a putter that feels comfortable and helps you to make confident throws on the playing surface. It doesn’t matter whether it is stable, overstable or understable.