5 Best Push Putting Disc Golf Putter

best push putting Disc Golf putter

What is push-putting?

Push putting is a method in disc golf that largely pushes the disc forward by arm and body movement instead of wrist motion. It contrasts with spin putting, which relies heavily on wrist movements to produce spin and power.

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Features of push-putting:

Here are some major features of push-putting.


-Pendulum-like swing:

The arm and body move in a silky smooth controlled arc, much like a pendulum.

-Limited wrist activity:

Minimal wrist activity, focusing on moving the disc forward with greater muscle groups.

-Focus on balance and stability:

Keeping a balanced and solid posture is essential for precise and uniform push-putting.


-Easy to learn:

Simple science makes it easier to learn than spin-putting.


Reducing dependency on wrist movement can result in more predictable outcomes.

-Excellent in windy conditions:

Reduced wrist motion may help overcome wind gusts that impact the disc’s flight.

Who should consider push-putting?


Simpler fundamentals make it easier to learn and establish a strong foundation.

-Players who have trouble with wrist flick:

If you find spin putting difficult or inconsistent, push putting may be an appropriate choice.

-Players who pick control over power:

If you value precision and consistency, especially in windy situations, push-putting might be useful.

Best Disc Golf Putter for Push Putting

The “best” disc golf putter for push putting is determined by your preferences and throwing style, however here are a few highly rated alternatives that have this putting technique:

Streamline Pilot:

Streamline Pilot

This putter offers a comfortable grip, a straight flight path, and plenty of glides, making it ideal for both beginners and expert players.

The Pilot has a shallow rim and is a medium-sized putter. A tiny bead on the rim’s underside stabilizes the disc while it is in flight. The Pilot is offered in a range of plastics, each of which has a special feel and set of flying characteristics.

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MVP Atom:

MVP Atom

This putter is somewhat overstable, which is useful for push putters who want a disc that battles wind and stays. It also offers a pleasant grip and plenty of glide.

The well-known disc golf manufacturer MVP Disc Sports produces the MVP Atom, a well-liked putter disc. Many players like the Atom putter due to its consistent steadiness and straight flight path.

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Discraft Judge:

Dynamic Discs Judge:3

This traditional putter is a popular choice for all putting styles, including push putting. It comes in a range of plastics to suit your preferences and has a straight flight path with consistent fading.

One of the top manufacturers of disc golf equipment, Dynamic Discs, makes it. The Judge putter is a favorite among golfers of all ability levels because of its adaptable flight characteristics and comfortable hand feel.

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Latitude 64 Pure:

Latitude 64 Pure:

This putter is understable, which is ideal for push putters who like a disc that rolls over quickly. It’s also suitable for players with tiny hands.

Popular putter discs used in the game of disc golf include the Latitude 64 Pure. The Pure is one of the most popular and well-regarded models from the well-known Swedish disc golf manufacturer Latitude 64.

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Westside Discs Maiden:

Westside Discs Maiden

This putter is stable, with a straight flight path and consistent fade. It’s an excellent alternative for golfers who want a putter that can handle a wide range of putting strokes.

A putter with a lot of versatility, the Westside Discs Maiden may be utilized for many different shots. Its flying path is predictable, accurate, and controllable. It is a fantastic option for players of all skill levels, although beginners and intermediate players tend to favor it the most.

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Pros and cons of push-putting:


  • Consistency
  • Wind resistance
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to learn 


  • Less disc control
  • Limited power

Final Thought:

Finally, the greatest putting method is the one that feels most natural and consistent to you. Experiment with both push and spin putting to see which is best for your game.

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