5 Best Overstable Putter Disc Golf

best overstable putter

What is an overstable putter?

An overstable putter is a type of disc used in disc golf that is specifically made to resist flipping over during flight and end with a sharp leftward turn (for right-handed throwers).

Flight characteristics of an overstable putter:

-Resistant to turn:

An overstable putter will struggle against your throwing force and resist bending in the air, in comparison to neutral or understable putters. This makes them perfect for throws that require maximum stability, windy conditions, or scenarios where you need the disc to finish left.

-Reliable fade:

Putters that are unstable at the end of their flight tend to turn left after reaching their maximum height. This is known as their predictable fade.

-Reduced glide:

Overstable Putters typically have less glide in comparison to those who are neutral or understable. This helps them resist turning and keep their steady flight path, but it also means they won’t go as far for the same level of power.

If you want to know more about flight characteristics then click on the link flight characteristics of overstable putter.

Uses of an overstable putter:


Overstable putters are useful when the wind is blowing from left to right or when you need the disc to stay in a straight path and finish left of the basket, even though they are mainly used for putting.


When a putter needs to protect the disc against anhyzer throws or throws that are delivered at an angle, overstable putters are excellent at making precise approaches on narrow fairways.

-Utility shots:

Overstable putters are used for utility shots such as rollers or spike hyzers.

Selecting an overstable putter:

Depending on your throwing style and personal preferences, you can choose the ideal overstable putter. some of the factors that should be considered are as follows:

-Stability level:

There are several stability levels for overstable putters. Select one that is not overly unstable, tough to control, yet stable enough for your purposes.


When putting, comfort and grip are essential. Choose a disc that is comfortable in your hands and facilitates a confident release.


Take into account the ideal amount of glide for your putter (overstable).

Overstable putters:

Some of the Overstable putters are as follows:

-Kastaplast Berg Putter Disc Golf:

The Kastaplast Berg is an overstable, slow-moving putter that may be used for both approach shots and putting. It is well known for consistently maintaining any line thrown at it and for flying. Professional disc golfers frequently use the Berg, and amateur disc golfers are also starting to embrace it. Its unique, narrow, beadless design is a good wind fighter and maintains lines extremely well, making it popular for short, tricky shots.

If you want to read more about Kastaplast Berg then click on the link Kastaplast Berg putter disc golf.

-Discraft Zone Putter Disc Golf:

For strokes that call for a great deal of control and fade, The Zone is frequently employed as the approaching disc. In windy situations, it can also be utilized for putting. The Zone is a flexible disc that works for several different shots. Classic overstable workhorse, dependable hyzer, and windy disc, comfortable rim, adaptable to easy approaches and scrambling circumstances.

If you want to read more about Discraft Zone then click on the link Discraft Zone putter disc golf.

-MVP Neutron Envy Putter Disc Golf:

MVP Neutron Envy is extremely overstable, trustworthy for battling wind and managing tight lines, with a pleasant grip and good glide for long approaches.

-Westside Discs Maiden Putter Disc Golf:

A putter with a lot of versatility, the Westside Discs Maiden may be utilized for many different shots. Its flying path is predictable, accurate, and controllable. It is a fantastic option for players of all skill levels, although beginners and intermediate players tend to favor it the most. Straight-flying with a consistent fade handles power well, and is suitable for both putting and approaching.

If you want to read more about Westside Discs Maiden then click on the link Westside Discs Maiden putter disc golf.

-Westside Discs Harp Putter Disc Golf:

A putter disc with over stability that can be used for both putting and approach shots is the Westside Discs Harp. It is a solid option for players of all skill levels, but it is particularly well-liked by those who want a dependable disc that will maintain a straight line in windy situations.

If you want to read more about Westside Discs Harp then click on the link Westside Discs Harp putter disc golf.

Advantages and Disadvantages of overstable putters:


  • perfect for windy weather.
  • Hyzer approaches
  • Their steady flight is ideal for forehand throws


  • Distance is limited by their lower glide and stronger fade
  • Beginner difficulty

Final Thought:

Recall that the secret to discovering your ideal match is to test out various discs. To pick the finest overstable putter for your game, narrow down your options by taking into account feel, glide, and stability level.

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