5 Best Driving Putters In Disc Golf

best driving putter disc golf

What are driving putters?

Driving putters are a type of disc golf putter disc that is built for longer approach shots that need both precision and control, as well as distance. They vary from normal putters in several major ways:

Flight qualities of driving putter:

More Stable:

Driving putters are more stable than typical putters. This means they can tolerate higher throwing speeds without flipping and maintain a consistent flight path over longer distances. They may have significantly broader rims and various flight numbers, indicating their stability.


Driving putters frequently have good glide, letting them move farther with less effort than regular putters. This makes them perfect for those slightly longer approach shots when precision is still required.

Objectives of Driving Putter:

Longer Approach Shots:

Driving putters are typically used for approach shots that are out of the reach of a conventional putter but too near for a driver. They serve as a bridge between putting and driving, providing control and accuracy across intermediate distances.

Tunnel Shots:

Driving putters may also be useful for crossing a small course that demands a predictable flight path. Their consistency allows them to resist wind and go in a straight path through limited places.

Playing Style:


Driving putters are versatile discs that are ideal for golfers who wish to use the same disc for both driving and putting. They are especially useful for newbies who are still working on their throwing form and may be unable to produce adequate force for drives.

Pros and cons of Driving putter:

The pros and cons of the driving putter are as follows:


  • Accurate
  • Wind resistance
  • Versatile
  • more predictable flight paths 


  • Limited shot types
  • Limited power

Best driving putters in disc golf:

There is no one “best” driving putter in disc golf since the greatest pick for you is determined by your throwing style, preferences, and the course you’re playing on. However, some common alternatives among disc golfers with strong driving talents include:

Axiom Envy:


This putter is noted for its neutral flight path, smooth glide, and soft rim. It is popular among many professional golfers for both putting and driving.

stable-overstable putter disc made for both putting and approach strokes is called the Axiom Envy. It is a solid option for players of all skill levels, but it is particularly well-liked by those who want a dependable disc that will maintain a straight line in windy situations.

If you want to read more about Axiom Envy then click on the link Axiom Envy putter disc golf.

Discraft Roach:

The Roach is a little overstable putter that can manage wind and prevent turnovers. It’s an excellent choice for golfers who want a driving putter that can maintain a straight line even in windy circumstances.

Dynamic Discs Warden:

Dynamic Discs Warden

The Warden is a straight-flying putter with a smooth grip and release. It’s an excellent all-around choice for golfers looking for a putter that can be utilized for both driving and putting.

Both beginners and expert players will find the Dynamic Discs Warden to be a reliable and adaptable putter disc. It has superb glide and is accurate and dependable. It works well for putting and approaching shots.

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MVP Logic:

This putter is stable and has a pleasant rim. It’s an excellent choice for golfers who want a driving putter that can take some force without flipping over.

Westside Discs Harp:

Westside Discs Harp:

The Harp is an extremely overstable putter that specializes in battling wind and preventing turnovers. It’s an excellent option for golfers who want a driving putter that can handle a lot of force while maintaining a solid line.

In the world of disc golf, the Westside Discs Harp is a well-liked putter and approach disc. It is renowned for being dependable, unstable, and versatile. The Harp is a go-to disc for both putting and close-range approach shots since it is made to handle a variety of shots.

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Final Thought:

Finally, the best approach to choosing the best driving putter for you is to experiment with several discs and determine which one feels most cozy and performs best for you. Many disc golf businesses provide putting seminars or practice baskets where you may test out different discs.

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