5 Best Disc Golf Putters For Wind

Best Disc Golf Putters For Wind

Best putters for wind/windy conditions:

In windy situations, steadiness and stability are essential for your putter. The following are some of the greatest disc golf putters for wind:

1. Dynamic Discs Warden:

The Warden is a renowned overstable putter with excellent wind resistance. It boasts a beadless design and a soft rim, making it suitable for players of any ability level.

Both beginners and expert players will find the Dynamic Discs Warden to be a reliable and adaptable putter disc. It has superb glide and is accurate and dependable. It works well for putting and approaching shots. It is considered to be one of the best putters for wind.

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2. Latitude 64 Sinus:

The Sinus is another overstable putter that is ideal for windy conditions. It features a little deeper rim than the Warden, which improves grip in windy circumstances. Its flight ratings are as follows Speed: 2, Glide: 3, Turn: 0, Fade: 3. It is a putter with a lot of grip.

3. MVP Envy:

The Envy is a reliable putter that is suitable for most golfers. It features a soft rim and a neutral flight path, making it suitable for both putting and approaching. However, in high winds, its steadiness may be insufficient for some players.

The MVP Envy is a popular putter and approach disc in the disc golf world, recognized for its flexibility and consistent flight qualities.

The MVP Envy is a flexible disc that can be utilized for a wide range of shots by players of all skill levels. Its pleasant feel, consistent flight, and variety of plastic materials make it a favorite choice among disc golfers.

4. Kastaplast Reko:

The Reko is a steady putter ideal for players searching for a disc that can tolerate wind without becoming overstable. It features a soft rim and a neutral flight path, making it suitable for both putting and approaching.

The Kastaplast Reko is a popular putter in disc golf, known for its easy flight and pleasant grip. It is suitable for players of all skill levels and has a balanced flight with low fade, making it ideal for precision putting and approach strokes.

5. Westside Discs Harp:

The Harp is a highly overstable putter notable for its wind resistance. It features a tiny diameter and a deep rim, making putts difficult for some players. However, it is an excellent choice for windy approaches and upshots.

n the world of disc golf, the Westside Discs Harp is a well-liked putter and approach disc. It is renowned for being dependable, unstable, and versatile. The Harp is a go-to disc for both putting and close-range approach shots since it is made to handle a variety of shots.

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Factors to keep in mind while selecting a putter for windy situations:

Here are some important elements to consider while selecting a putter for windy situations.


Stability is the most important aspect. A stable or overstable putter is resistant to being moved about by the wind, allowing you to keep a straight line to the basket.

Rim depth:

Putters with a deeper rim are more stable in the wind than narrow-rim putters. This is because the deeper rim gives the wind more space to hang on.


While not as crucial as stability, a putter with less glide will be unaffected by wind. This is because it can’t go as far as a putter with more glide, which might be useful in high winds when you don’t want the disc to be thrown too far.


You should feel at ease with the putter in your hand. If you dislike the feel of the putter, you cannot putt well with it, irrespective of the wind conditions.

Summing it up:

By taking these elements into account, you may pick a putter that will allow you to make more putts in windy circumstances. Remember to test out many different putters to find which one works best for you.

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