5 Best Disc Golf Putters For Small Hands

Best Disc Golf Putters For Small Hands

Finding the correct putters for small hands or any of your hand sizes is essential in disc golf. I’m a person with a small hand size, so I know very well the struggle of finding the right putter for your best shots.

Best Putters For Small Hands:

Here are a few popular alternatives with comfortable, shallow rim depths that are best for people with small hands:

Discraft Roach:

This beadless putter features a low profile and round rim that feels natural in the hand. It is recognized for its straight flight and soft plastic, which gives a good grip. Discraft roach is useful and best for small hands.

MVP Atom:

This putter has a low profile, a shallow rim, and a microbead for better grip. It’s noted for its neutral flying and is available in a range of polymers to suit your needs.

The well-known disc golf manufacturer MVP Disc Sports produces the MVP Atom, a well-liked putter disc. Many players like the Atom putter due to its consistent steadiness and straight flight path.

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Axiom Proxy:

This putter has a very short rim depth and a pleasant, rounded edge. It’s recognized for its straight flight and is available in a range of polymers of varied stiffness.

Dynamic Discs Deputy:

our putter has a somewhat deeper rim than the others on our list, but it is still regarded as shallow and comfortable for players with tiny hands. It is recognized for its steady flight, which is beneficial for newbies and players with limited arm strength.

Westside Discs Harp:

In the world of disc golf, the Westside Discs Harp is a well-liked putter and approach disc. It is renowned for being dependable, unstable, and versatile. The Harp is a go-to disc for both putting and close-range approach shots since it is made to handle a variety of shots.

This putter features a distinctive, shallow V-shaped rim that many players with tiny hands find comfortable. It is recognized for its overstable (fade) flight, which is useful in windy circumstances or for approach shots that require a consistent fade at the finish.

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Which things do people with small hands prefer in buying a disc golf putter?

Buying guide of Best Disc Golf Putters For Small Hands:

People with tiny hands should emphasize the following while picking discs for disc golf:

Rim Depth:

-Shallow Rims:

The most important element. Players with tiny hands may struggle to hold and control discs with a deep rim depth. Look for putters, mids, and even fairway drives with shallow rim designs.

Rim Width:

-Narrower Rims:

While not as important as depth, a narrower rim helps increase grip and control. Discs with a larger rim might seem difficult and challenging to manage with tiny hands.


-Beadless or Microbead:

Beads on the rim might increase thickness and discomfort. Beadless putters and mids typically feel more stable in tiny palms. Microbeads provide some roughness for grip.

-Softer Plastics:

Softer plastics fit better to your hand shape, improving grip and feel. This is especially useful in colder temperatures when discs become less flexible.

Disc types:


As previously said, favor shallow putters with a suitable rim size. Popular alternatives include Discraft Roach, MVP Atom, Axiom Proxy, and Gateway Colt.


Search for mids with shallow to medium rim depth. Popular possibilities include Discraft Roc (certain versions), Dynamic Discs Buzz (certain versions), MVP Axis, and so on. Experiment until you find a comfortable fit.

-Straight Drivers:

Some fairway drivers have shallower designs that can be suitable for players with tiny hands. Experiment with discs such as the Discraft Leopard 3 and Latitude 64 River. However, deeper-rim drivers may be difficult to handle comfortably.

Extra Tips:

-Grip Types and styles:

For tiny hands, an altered fan grip or a two-finger power grip may be more comfortable than a regular four-finger power grip. Experiment to determine what works best for you.

-Don’t stress it:

If a disc is too heavy or difficult to handle, do not force it. There are many discs available that will fit your hand size and throwing style.

By taking these considerations into account, players with smaller hands may select discs that provide better control, reliability, and, ultimately, more enjoyment from their disc golf game.

Final Thought:

Well in my opinion, the best approach to selecting the right putter for your little hands is to experiment with several discs and determine which one feels the most comfortable and performs the best for you. Visit your local disc golf shop or a putting clinic to try out different putters and discover which one feels the best.