5 Best Beadless Putters Disc Golf


The “best” beadless putter for disc golf is a personal decision based on your preferences and throwing technique. However, several highly rated beadless putters routinely rank at the top of the rankings for feel, flight, and performance.

In disc golf, a beadless putter lacks a raised edge or “bead” around the disc’s bottom edge. This beadless design has various advantages for some players, but it all comes down to personal choice and throwing style.

Here are some common choices to consider:

1. Innova Aviar:

The Aviar is a traditional disc golf putter noted for its neutral flight, easy grip, and point-and-shoot precision. It comes in a broad range of plastics to suit diverse tastes, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced players.

innova aviar putter disc golf

One of the top companies in the disc golf sector, Innova Discs, created and produced the well-known Innova Aviar putter. One of the most recognizable and adaptable putters on the market is the Aviar, which is highly acclaimed. It is considered to be “the most popular putter in the world”.

Innova Aviar Flight ratings:

Flight ratings of Innova Aviar are as follows:
• Speed:2
• Glide:3
• Turn:0
• Fade:1

Innova Aviar Plastic Blends:

The Aviar is offered in a variety of plastic blends, each with a unique set of qualities like sturdiness, grip, and feel. Innova produces a variety of plastic mixes, including the
• DX,
• XT,
• Star,
• Champion,
• Pro blends.
The most popular and reasonably priced alternative is DX plastic, but more expensive blends like Star and Champion offer increased durability.

Innova Aviar Popular versions:

To accommodate various player preferences, Innova has over the years introduced a number of Aviar versions.
• Aviar Classic,
• Aviar3,
• AviarX3
are prominent variations. These alterations could have minor changes to the flight characteristics, including a shallower rim, a lower profile, or increased stability.

Innova Aviar Professional Use:

The Innova Aviar has received a lot of support from disc golf professionals and has served as a go-to putter for numerous champions. Due to its dependable flight and constant performance, it has become a well-liked option among players of all skill levels.

Dimensions of Innova Aviar

The Innova Aviar measures as follows:

• Dimensions: 21.2 cm
• Size: 2.0 cm
• Depth: 1.5 cm deep at the rim
• Width: 0.9 cm wide at the rim
• Weight limit: 175 grams
A medium-sized putter with a shallow rim is the Innova Aviar. Compared to the well-liked Innova Destroyer driver, it is slightly smaller. There are different weights of the Aviar, ranging from 150 grams to 175 grams. The Aviar’s most common weight is 175 grams.

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2. Westside Discs Maiden:

The Maiden is a stable and overstable putter with a pleasant grip. It’s a terrific choice for golfers who want a putter that resists the wind and ends with a consistent fade. The Maiden from Westside Discs is a shallow-rimmed, beadless putter. It resembles the Innova Aviar and Discraft Classic Putter.

Westside Discs Maiden

A putter with a lot of versatility, the Westside Discs Maiden may be utilized for many different shots. Its flying path is predictable, accurate, and controllable. It is a fantastic option for players of all skill levels, although beginners and intermediate players tend to favor it the most.

Westside Discs Maiden Flight ratings:

Flight ratings of Westside Discs Maiden are as follows:
• Speed:3
• Glide:4
• Turn:0
• Fade:1

Westside Discs Maiden Plastic type:

A range of plastics, including
• VIP,
• Tournament
• burst
are offered for The Maiden. You can select the plastic that best meets your needs because each has distinctive qualities.

Dimensions of Westside Discs Maiden:

The Westside Discs Maiden measures as follows:

• Dimensions: 21.2 cm
• Size: 2.1 cm
• 1.5 cm rim depth;
• cm rim width
• Weight limit: 175 grams
• Primary Use: Putt & Approach
• Stability: Stable-to-overstable
• Recommended Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
• Plastic grade(s): Baseline, Midgrade, Premium.
There are many weights of The Maiden, ranging from 150 grams to 175 grams. The Maiden is most frequently purchased in 175-gram weights.

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3. Dynamic Discs Judge:

The Judge has a beadless rim design, which means that there is no little ridge or bump along the disc’s bottom edge. The Judge has a smooth feel in the hand thanks to this design decision, which also enables a reliable release. The beadless construction also helps the disc fly straight and maintain precision.

Dynamic Discs Judge:3

Popular putter discs used in the game of disc golf include the Dynamic Discs Judge. One of the top manufacturers of disc golf equipment, Dynamic Discs, makes it. The Judge putter is a favorite among golfers of all ability levels because of its adaptable flight characteristics and comfortable hand feel. It has beadless design. The Judge putter from Dynamic Discs is described in the following ways:

Dynamic Discs Judge Flight ratings:

Popular disc golf putters like the Dynamic Discs Judge are renowned for their adaptability and steady flight. These usual flight ratings have been connected to the Judge:
• Speed: 2
• Glide: 4
• Turn: 0
• Fade: 1
These ratings show that the Judge travels at a reasonably slow speed, glides at a moderate rate, is stable, and ends its flight with a modest fade. Always keep in mind that flight ratings might change somewhat between various disc manufacturers and even within specific disc runs.

Dynamic Discs Judge Plastic types:

The Judge is offered in a range of plastic varieties, each with a special feel and set of flying qualities.
• Classic Blend,
• Classic Soft,
• Classic Hard,
• Classic Burst,
• Prime,
• Prime Burst,
• Lucid,
• Lucid-X,
• Fuzion,
• BioFuzion
are a few of the frequently used plastic blends for the Judge. Different levels of grip, sturdiness, and stability are provided by these plastics.

Dimensions of Dynamic Discs Judge:

The Dynamic Discs Judge putter has the following measurements:

• Dimensions: 21.2 cm
• Size: 2.0 cm
• 1.4 cm deep at the rim
• 1 cm wide at the rim
The disc’s diameter is equal to its total breadth. The height is measured from the disc’s top to bottom. The distance between the rim’s edge and the disc’s center is known as the rim depth. The rim’s width is exactly that—its width.

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4. Kastaplast Berg:

The Kastaplast Berg is a distinctive, overstable putter with a high profile and beadless rim that performs at approach shots and windy putts. Its consistent fading and grippy plastic make it trustworthy.

Kastaplast Berg

The Kastaplast Berg is an overstable, slow-moving putter that may be used for both approach shots and putting. It is well known for maintaining any line thrown at it and for flying consistently. Professional disc golfers frequently use the Berg, and amateur disc golfers are also starting to embrace it.

Kastaplast Berg Flight ratings:

Flight ratings of Kastaplast Berg are as follows:
• Speed:1
• Glide:1
• Turn:0
• Fade:2

Kastaplast Berg Plastic type:

• K1,
• K3,
• K3 Hard
are just a few of the plastics that are offered for The Berg. You can select the plastic that best meets your needs because each has distinctive qualities.

Dimensions of berg:

Here are some more specifics regarding the Berg:
• Dimensions: 21 cm
• Height: 2.0 cm
• Rim Depth: 1.4 cm
• Rim thickness: 0.9 cm
• Max Weight: 175 g
• Primary Use: Putt & Approach
• Recommended Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
• Plastic grade(s): Baseline, Midgrade, Premium.

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5. MVP Ion:


MVP Ion Flight ratings:

Flight ratings of MVP Ion are as follows:
• Speed:3
• Glide:3
• Turn:0
• Fade:1.5

MVP Ion Plastic type:

• Neutrons,
• Protons,
• Electrons
are three polymers that are available for the Ion. You can select the plastic that best meets your needs because each has distinctive qualities.

Dimensions of MVP Ion:

Additional information about the Ion is provided below:
• 21.2 centimeters in diameter,
• 1.9 centimeters in height,
• 1.6 centimeters in rim depth,
• 1.1 centimeters in rim width.
• Max Weight: 175 g
• Primary Use: Putt & Approach
• Stability: Stable
• Recommended Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
• Plastic grade(s): Baseline, Premium, Midgrade.

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Here’s an overview of the main differences and advantages of beadless putters:

Features of Beadless Putters Disc Golf:

Smooth rim:

Its main feature is that it has a smooth rim. Rather than an upward bead, the disc has an unbroken rim.

Maybe a stronger grip:

Beadless disc has more stronger and more comfortable grip. Some players, particularly those with fragile index fingers, prefer beadless putters.

Smooth release:

The smooth rim may provide a smoother transfer from your hand, perhaps leading to more reliable putting technique.

Potentially reduced ground friction:

Without a bead to catch on the ground, beadless putters can miss or glide easier on certain shots.

Flying performance:

Beadless putters often have a neutral or slightly overstable path, which makes them predictable and dependable for putts.

May glide even further:

The lack of a bead can result in somewhat more glide than beaded putters, which could be beneficial for longer putts.

Choices to consider:

Not for everyone:

Some players enjoy the feel and control that beaded rims provide, while beadless putters may not be as comfortable.

Less wind resistance:

Comparing to a beaded putter, the smooth rim may provide less wind resistance, which might be a disadvantage in windy circumstances.

Pros and Cons of Beadless Disc Golf Putter:


  • Better grip
  • smooth release
  • Less Wind Resistance
  • Higher glide


  • Not comfortable for Everyone
  • Potentially Less Wind Stability

Final say:

Finally, the best approach to decide whether a beadless putter is perfect for you is to test out a few different types and see how they respond in your hand and perform on the course. Don’t be scared to try different discs to see which one best matches your own tastes and putting technique!

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