3 Best Putters Baskets for Disc Golf

best putters baskets for disc golf

Putters are not used on disc golf baskets since they serve as objectives for golfers to aim at. However, many types of disc golf baskets may be more appropriate for personal or professional use.

Here’s an overview of different types of baskets that are used in putter disc golf:

Portable baskets:

Portable baskets are often lighter and cheaper than permanent baskets. They are ideal for practicing putting at home or on the road.

Portable disc golf baskets are crucial for every disc golfer who wants to improve their putting skills wherever they go. These lightweight and easy-to-assemble baskets may be taken to any site to create a disc golf hole, including a park, home, or beach.

Pros and cons of Portable baskets:

The pros and cons of the Portable baskets are as follows:


  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Making them ideal for home usage


  • Less durable
  • May not catch discs.

Permanent Baskets:

Permanent disc golf baskets, as opposed to portable baskets, are put on disc golf courses and are generally heavy-duty, designed to survive years of play and weather conditions. These baskets are similar to those seen on professional courses and are ideal for establishing a permanent disc golf course in a park or field.

These baskets are intended to be put on a disc golf course and are constructed of stronger components that resist weather and wear and tear.

Pros and cons of Permanent baskets:

The pros and cons of the Permanent baskets are as follows:


  • Heavy duty
  • Weather resistant


  • More costly
  • Not built for simple transportation.

Mach III Baskets:

These are the baskets used in professional disc golf events. They are renowned for their durability and ability to catch discs accurately.

The DGA Mach III Basket is a well-known and renowned disc golf basket, with a timeless design that has been available for many years. Installed on more courses globally than any other basket, it is a player favorite because of its long lifespan and fair catching mechanism.

Pros and cons of Mach III baskets:

The pros and cons of the Mach III baskets are as follows:


  • Superior durability
  • Ideal for clean catches.


  • The most costly choice.

Choosing The Right Basket:

Home Use:

A portable basket is ideal for practicing at home. Look for alternatives with positive evaluations for catching putts, and think about features like height adjustment for replicating course differences.

Course Setup:

Permanent baskets are the way to go. Choose a stainless-steel basket for weather durability, and consider features such as a detachable top to make disc recovery easy for maintenance.


Mach III baskets are the gold standard for professional courses, but their expensive cost may not be justified for everyday usage. Permanent baskets constructed of high-quality steel offer a nice blend of durability and price.

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Additional factors:

Number of Chains:

More chains create a bigger catching surface, increasing the likelihood of a disc sticking. However, this adds both weight and expense.

Basket Material:

While galvanized steel is often used, stainless steel provides greater resistance to corrosion but is more expensive.

Final Thought:

When selecting a disc golf basket, think about how you will use it and how much you are prepared to pay. If you only need a basket to practice with at home, a portable basket is an excellent choice. If you want a basket to place on your property or use on a local course, a permanent basket is a preferable option.

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