3 Best Putter Plastic Disc Golf

best putter plastic disc golf

Putter plastic in disc golf relates to the particular kind of plastic that is utilized in the production of putter discs. The distinct qualities of these polymers impact the putter’s feel, grip, durability, and flight characteristics.

Types of putter plastics:

A summary of some common putter plastics and their attributes is shown below:

  1. Baseline plastics
  2. Premium plastics
  3. Soft plastics

-Baseline plastics:

Baseline plastic is the most affordable and grizzliest kind of plastic, but it is also the least stable. For novices or players who putt with a lot of touch, it is an excellent option.


Innova DX, Discraft Pro-D, and Gateway are the baseline plastics.

Pros and cons of Baseline plastics:


  • Inexpensive plastic
  • They have a greater and stronger grip
  • Baseline plastics have a softer, tackier feel.


  • It is less durable
  • Less regular flight

-Premium Plastics:

These can be smoother than standard plastics, but they are also more costly and strong. For players looking for a putter that can withstand a lot of punishment and face for an extended period, these are a fantastic alternative.


Discraft Elite Z, Innova Champion, and Dynamic Discs Lucid are a few examples.

Pros and cons of Premium plastics:


  • Durable
  • More consistent flight
  • suitable for putting styles


  • more expensive
  • Less grippy

-Soft plastics:

These high-quality polymers are made to be flexible and sticky. For golfers who want a putter that can feel comfortable throwing in any weather condition, they are a wonderful alternative.


MVP Electron and Kastaplast K1 Soft are two examples of soft plastics.

Pros and cons of Soft plastics:


  • Strong grip
  • More flexible
  • Soft feel and smooth release


  • Not suitable for putting styles
  • Less durable
  • Less predictable flight

Factors to keep in mind while selecting a putter plastic:

In disc golf, there is no one “best” putter plastic because preference is a major factor. Nonetheless, when selecting a putter plastic, keep the following key elements in mind:


The grip is the key factor for putter plastic. plastic should be one which must have a strong grip, smoother, and release quickly. It should not be that one that is sticky.


A putter must be durable, Premium plastics can be sleeker but are more durable than baseline plastics, which are grippier but less durable.


Some plastics seem softer or more sticky than others; this is a matter of taste.

Final Thought:

The ideal putter plastic for you will ultimately rely on your requirements and tastes. When selecting your selection, take into account your preferred level of grip, feel your playing style, and the average playing weather.

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