3 Best Grips Putters Disc Golf

best grips Putters Disc Golf

There are no single “best” putter grips in disc golf, but there are a few common choices that can help you attain consistent putting. The optimal grip for you is ultimately determined by your hand size, putting technique, and personal preferences.

Best putters disc golf grips:

Here are three of the most popular putter grips:

1. Fan Grip:

The fan grip is a versatile grip that offers a nice blend of force and control. To utilize the fan grip, align your index finger with the rim of the disc and put your middle finger behind it. Spread your remaining fingers on the disc’s flight plate.

2. Straight Grip:

The straight grip is a simple and easy grip that is beneficial for newbies. To employ a straight grip, lay all four fingers around the rim of the disc.

3. Modified Fan Grip:

The modified fan grip is a version of the fan grip that provides somewhat greater control. To utilize the modified fan grip, lay your index finger around the rim of the disc and your middle finger twisted beneath it. Spread your remaining fingers on the disc’s flight plate.

Choose Your Grip Champion or Buying Guide

Finding the proper putter grip comes down to a few important factors:

Hand Size:

For small hands, a modified or fan grip may be easier to use than a larger straight grip.

Putting Style:

Power putters may benefit from the increased control of a modified fan grip, although delicate putters may prefer the feel of a straight grip.

Personal Preference:

Ultimately, comfort is essential. Experiment with different grips to determine what feels most natural and enables you to have a constant release on your putts.

In addition to the basics:

In addition to this you should consider some other factors as well which are as follows:

Thumb Placement:

Many players feel that placing their thumb on the bottom of the flight plate increases stability. Experiment with thumb positioning to determine which position works best for you.

Grip Pressure:

A comfortable yet strong grip is good. Too tight, you risk inconsistencies; too loose, you lose control.

Practice Makes Perfect:

As with each element of disc golf, invest time in improving your grip and putting stroke.

Additional recommendation:

Study the putting techniques of top disc golfers. Look at the grips they use and how they hold the disc. This might provide you with some inspiration and ideas for practicing on the putting green.

Remember, the ideal putter grip allows you to sink the most putts! So take your favorite putter, try these grips, and discover your putting golden spot.

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